Love Drunk

The drunk of love, the drunk of love, the cup is full of tears, the hate is also drunk, the pain is also drunk, the Cup has aftertaste. Love each other, love each other, hard to fall asleep every night, think yesterday, look forward to today, you and me always follow each other at midnight, I am still sitting in front of the computer, listening to the video song “Drunk of love” over and over again, this deep and sad song makes me drunk, enchanted, affectionate and love. I looked out of the window, the moon was hazy, maybe the moon was also sad with tears, and the quiet night lingered with slight sorrow.

I drank one cup after another of my daughter’s red yellow wine, a night of meditation, a night of melancholy. It seemed that many people were looking forward to crossing the Naihe Bridge and drinking Meng Po’s soup to forget the pain in memory, but they forgot the pain in this life. Could they stop meeting each other in the afterlife? Or don’t experience it any more? Sansheng Stone made an appointment. Although it was once so sad and moving, was it still so helpless?

I am as drunk as waking up talking to myself, greeting the person I love in my heart: how are you? In the dim night, have you heard the voice in my heart, hitting sleepless for thousands of times. The sky is silent, the moon is silent, and you are silent. What’s wrong with me? I was as drunk as a dream immersed in the melody of music and ushered in the dawn of dawn.

Dear, do you know? Miss you is a kind of happiness, love you is a kind of pain. You and I got together and left in a hurry in the golden autumn of October, which made me forget about eating and drinking for you and tossing and turning for you at night. Your Frank trust makes my heart heavy. Your thousands of styles make me dream. You that gentle laughter like Purl, moistens my hearts.

I really want to chase your steps all the time. I hear your sigh and my heart aches. I am excited to see your smiling face. I in worrying you, I’m waiting for you, I looking forward to you I early walked into that red carpet. I want to tell you that I will love you forever! How many times can you get drunk with love in life? Life can have a few back love fan? I don’t know, but with you in this life, I am enough!

I am really obsessed with you. I am really devoted to you. Whenever I can’t feel you, I always want to stretch out my hand to hold you. I don’t know whether this kind of missing will be deep in silence?

Tonight is so quiet, I am used to shrinking in this night to sort out the messy thoughts every day. With my lonely figure knocking on the keyboard, I wrote some words left and right. I planted the Southern acacia tree in one acre and three parts of my backyard garden, and I tried my best to irrigate it with my own efforts. I really want it to produce gorgeous lotus stamens as soon as possible!

Dear, do you know? The gathering of you and me tomorrow, across thousands of mountains and rivers, far away from the ends of the Earth, let me be intoxicated with love and this night! I am willing to wait for a love between you and me without complaint or regret, waiting for a home you have given me. I believe that behind your smile is my happiness!

The drunk of love, the drunk of love, the cup is full of tears, the hate is also drunk, the pain is also drunk, the Cup has aftertaste. Hearttex, love Acacia, every night to sleep thinking yesterday, hope today, you I forever

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