Elixir, feelingly

The world’s most precious not wealth, but a sincere friendship, because wealth does not permanent, but friends are a once in a lifetime friend, world of friendship because selfless and pure, colorful space for friends blessing and warm, not because busy and alienate, more not because of time scouring and forget you, autumn winter snow, summer to the beginning of autumn, season sui bian, friends of friendship and concern but not changed, friendship by a edge word start, friendship all because of a letter word continuation, friends all by a heart word long! Friendship in space dealings, deepening friendship in the passage of time in truth, Mind in space communication in Frank, distance in mutual greetings in close to, wish in blessings of one another in verified!

Seventies hobby text of I by friends Liu Hongmei son referral, I in 7 yue 1 ri to the prose online “settled in, like coming to the long-awaited home, by netizens warm welcome. I penned classic text constantly in prose online appear, many articles edited recommended, by many users reviews. Soon, I was editor’s choice for excellent prose author, soon signing, also become contract writer, this is out of my blue. My results this point, due to prose online Editing Love and users of the support, my personal efforts pale.

The prose online “is a warm family, here edit seriously, author diligence, to the same goal, close cooperation, for building a better home to work. Editor-in-Chief Kerr enthusiasm, editor butterflies and edit months however, yi er, dream away trouble, I am so touched; Many users praise and greetings is the driving force for me to move forward.

The prose online “is a harmonious home, here, red plum blooming, deep and remote dream shrouded, choppy, Seagull wings (fly), cloud water, flowers, is perfect conjugal bliss, one attractive beautiful scenery! Here, there are joy, creation, ever-changing changes and triumphant songs of festive harvest everywhere!

In the prose online “this warm home, friends enjoy beautiful poetry, with words communicate feelings, edify sentiment, meet new people; A sound sincere greetings, A warm blessing, a short comments, a kind of message, them closer, enjoy the world rare warm, happy and harmonious.

In the prose online “this warm home in, I inadvertently met lovely month full moon lacks. Read his poetry, I found that she was a sentimental, indecision, literarily writers. Her poem “whether”, which was full of emotion and lingering in her dream, showed sadness between the lines. I deeply sympathized with her and made a speech for this infatuated woman. I commented passionately: kind woman, admirable. Popular words good, Spoony women and faithless men, I wrote a novel a heartbreaker lead to family tragedy (see hongxiutianxiang Sun thick for Anthology), don’t be sad, don’t be sad, not worth, heartbreaker to no good!

I appreciate month full moon lacks talent, her beautiful poems often make me old man estrous, but I hate her sentimental, lovey-dovey, immersed in love. I often in the comments Allure Her: Spoony women not acute, if he love you back information; If heart has non-you, tears really not worth!. Unexamined and thoughtless live, juvenile white head, regret is too late! Later, in my message in, I see a forest shun Yuen message: visit Sun teacher… Oh… You always thought I am Women’s… In fact, ah, I am a sentimental, full of emotions men Ah…! I wish the teacher writing pleasant, write more and better prose and poetry…!

Lin Shun Yuen, who are you? I don’t know you, but not cause I too much attention, because prose online in members have the privacy, men’s and women’s mixed say common. In another comment in I wrote: Month Full Moon lacks, ridiculous, I see your poetry sentimental a lot, take it for granted that you are a woman, today comments “how are you”, thought you are a woman, saw another article but felt weird, like men writing, check your personal data only know you is indeed man. So I and review a: passionate men’s, feelingly, Acacia tears slide down Cheek, wet pillow towel; Are you, upsets me up at night, just hope Dream See, prescription wish!

From now on we became age difference, mutual evaluation poetry, he always comes space blessing, greetings. Moon is a heavy sentiment, gratitude of man, as he in the journey coming with you no longer lonely “in an article said: I in the prose online” stop, I have known the gentle and gentle flowing clouds like water, the smart red plum, the passionate sea charm, the youthful and beautiful dream, the old dream teacher Sun, and the colorful headmaster Xu since then, I wish I could fly over thousands of mountains and rivers, fly to my grandfather’s motherland and have a look at all the netizens

In order to send you my blessing, my thanks, give my friendship, I read your article, see you MY QQ dialogue, read daffodils, red plum of habits, find chaton real meaning, check of mortals representative what, only for Hearts of grateful, into sonorous and text, chat table thoughtfulness, according.

Thank the prose online editors on my regard with affection, if not you, my heart might silent sink into the vast network of sea. Thank Kerr founded the “prose online”, let me find many friends confidant.

The kindness of the full moon and the lack of the Moon and his behavior moved me deeply! My persuasion to the full moon and the lack of Moon was more than praise, but he gave me sincerity and gratitude. He had praised me with poems for a long time, but I didn’t know at all. He in “Murphy this is margin?” It is said in the poem that it was inspired after reading the comments of teacher Sun houju:

I hide behind the Internet quietly and don’t know your appearance, your age, or your joys and sorrows, but I have a kind feeling. You read my poems quietly and listen to my mind without complaint. I don’t know the so-called I talk to you nagging you without words also not language but to text touched my heart and you sui ge ends and you never met two hearts sympathetic although not great minds same is same dedication attached to text persistent in sharing you have your reason I have my sensibility but we don’t care about the rich and the poor, the rich and the poor, the rich and the poor, the rich and the poor, or the age. We communicate with each other in poetry and prose. The common temperament is revealed between lines encourage each other care love meaning Zhi doubt I don’t understand autumn cool don’t understand of falling leaves beautiful but I can that in your article Four Seasons changes Clarks also glowed

Seeing that the poems of full moon and lack of Moon are becoming more and more beautiful, my heart is full of joy. After reading his poems, I commented: good rain knows the season, good poems seek bosom friends, a song “Miss You, moved by the autumn wind to accompany. Month Full Moon lacks, masterpiece again and again, congratulations progress.

Continuous reading your poetry, do feel your improvement and. Article is the soul of the reaction, inspired, and style, don’t have to change their style, actually sad written also beautiful, that of sad beauty, as you Li Qingzhao’s poetry. Red plum infants have a experience, may you do what she says! Soon, I learned that month full moon lacks want to leave prose online, I feel very deplores, I write anything as yilianyoumeng the yuan jie this life, listening to the voices of flowers “as touching, tear-jerking prurience, also cannot write Liu Hongmei son the friendship are forever, really forever” emotional blooper, this paper thank friends Moon’s love for me, sincerely retain full moon, or don’t leave prose online as well, if must go, I will always remember you, as a good friend, wish you happy, find really belongs to your other half!

Ancients Su Dongpo cloud: People have sorrows, month wanes, matter ancient difficult all. Although said, is prose online elixir, month full moon lacks lunar January round, fruitful, he going away, I feel sad, bemoaned! Full moon old friends, no matter where you go, please don’t forget, the prose online “is your home, now continue Place, have a group of friends misses you,” Prose online “is your post station. Come here to post articles when you are happy, express your feelings when you are lonely, and come here to rest when you are tired. We welcome you at any time! Also wish you forget once the pain, with the passing of time forgotten! You have to believe, tomorrow warm sun still will on you bath! I always be in the distant place bless you!

Friends is a unprecedented texts. Friend is each other a kind of heart induction, is a tacit sentiment. Every word, every word, every sentence of my friend makes me feel that it is the most gentle, pleasant, carefree and beautiful artistic conception! Wish friends happy forever! Far away from the ends of the world, long with silver poems. I will cherish every sincere friends, the prose online space for everyone is a beautiful world, in the prose online “I saw good faith and fraternity, I feel the emotion that I can’t feel in my life, and wish all my friends in prose online happiness forever! Also wish the prose online “better and better!

Finally, wish month full moon lacks wish you happiness happy forever, good things! Friendship Trinidad dzyx qian, Yi deep as Lok boundless, regional nanzu wang luo qing, weathered connected. Full moon: you see deep and remote dream, red plum, Rhine, I and the prose online “all Wenyou blessing to you and retention, I think perceptual, sentimental, heart Keats of you, it will certainly move your shaking heart. I think you will be full of tears at this time when you see the sincere heart murmured for you, it will certainly warm your cold heart. Full moon: wipe away tears, raise your head and chest, forget the sadness of the past, and step into the Paradise of happiness again! All Wenyou moment welcome you back the prose online “warm embrace! We look forward to look forward

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