Woman such as flower

I have a flower planted in my heart, which is in bud and faint. I am waiting for the dynasty and the Twilight. People with heart come to dream, women flowers, swaying in the world of mortals —– women are like flowers and dreams —- like spring breeze coming and going, women are like flowers […]

Waiting is what?

Today, I wrote a status: what is waiting? Several friends also answered this question. From their answers, we can see that waiting is a neutral word, which contains different meanings. Some like it, and some hate it. Everyone has different experiences, so the meaning of waiting is also different. Some said: waiting is a kind […]


Many years ago, I sat on the hillside of kuruktag mountain in the northwest. I overlooked the border city where the red dust was surging at the foot of the mountain. I looked up at the sweeping white clouds in the sky, my body and mind are surrounded by the green grass waves on the […]

Banishment banishment Japanese

Late at night, a little bit of thoughts came into my mind. I thought a lot of things or things, and it seemed that I didn’t think deeply about anything. I hadn’t written a diary for a long time, and I felt a little numb when facing the keyboard and screen, I want to say […]


More than ten days have passed, and there has never been so much emotion like now. From the beginning of full of ambition, full of hope and expectation, to now a little bit of understanding, familiarity and then to specific operation, a completely strange and brand-new field is waiting for oneself to explore and practice. […]

Deep Memory

Although I leaned against the market, I didn’t go there for a long time. When I had nothing to do in the evening, I strolled there and saw all kinds of food stalls filled with fried dumplings, fried pancakes, the owner of the egg cake was busy greeting the guests. Well, it smells good. A […]

Northern love, our love

Ashamed to say, after several days of bloody battles day and night, the journey of Northern love finally came to an end. Every time I watched a play and closed the computer with both hands, there will be an inexplicable emptiness in my heart. The stool was still as cold as water, and my feet […]

Finishing room mood

For a long time, I don’t like to clean up the room. I always feel tired and lazy. Looking at the messy house, I could only roughly return the items to the right place, and simply wipe them with a mop for a few times, then it was over. This kind of environment often makes […]

Window rain

The night is dim, with a little lonely stars. The breeze is refreshing, and the wind is refreshing and cool. Watching the boundless and ethereal night, among the thick and heavy dark clouds, there were some vague and mysterious but seemingly beautiful calls, is that the call from the most primitive wildness in the world? […]

Text, my good partner [water moon North Lake]]

If one day, inadvertently, I lost my steps and direction of life, I would not be afraid or lonely. Because I have you in my life-my good partner. As long as I can wander, learn and grow in your world, I believe that it is just around the corner to have the wings to fly […]