Be a cruel mother once

These days, Zhu he didn’t send her to kindergarten because he caught a cold. He had been following me for a long time and felt attached to me. He was crying these two days and didn’t want to go to kindergarten. This morning, the first sentence I just woke up was: Mom, I am not […]

Terrible day

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and I am busy every day. I always want to sleep at home without doing anything. Weather forecast: there will be rain tomorrow, a rest day given by God, and a day of sleep tomorrow. It rained all night last night. It was five o’clock. I […]

What should I do with the born lonely life?

Today, I accidentally saw a post about lonely life on the Internet, which suddenly resonated with me. Unconsciously, I was already an older man nearly 30 years old, it can almost be classified into the one who can’t marry a wife, but he is still looking for no direction. I experienced some emotional things in […]


That year, a strong wind blew a group of homeless people like us to a remote town, like a cluster of dandelion blown to a corner it had never been to by a light wind. We stood on the asphalt road just enough to cover the soil, like a group of newly arrived immigrants, watching […]

Month Full Moon lacks

The moon is full, picturesque, hanging on the horizon, overlooking the world. As thin as the flowing clouds of light yarn, the floating indifferent, hazy moon face, hazy sky. The moonlight like water poured on the ground through the branches and leaves, reflecting a shadow of holding the cheek with both hands. Tears that were […]

With a little effort

The job fair was going on fiercely. I looked at the surging crowd. I saw a familiar figure, my classmate in high school. Looking at each other, we nodded and greeted each other. We squeezed through the crowd and all went to the recruitment booth of a public institution at the same time. I was […]

To mind a quiet

Recently, I have been worried a lot in my heart, so I asked myself why. Most of the annoyance was because I didn’t deal with it in time, so I accumulated day by day. When I was exhausted, I struggled through my thoughts and wanted to deal with it for happiness. Some things have to […]

Train (piano stage art)

I don’t remember when I left the train tickets on purpose, so I put them in my wallet one by one until there were too many tickets. During this period, some of them were confiscated ruthlessly during outbound ticket checking. One by one, new or old, full of the smell of RMB. Some of them […]

Can’t open heart door

Some people say that it is enough to have a relationship only once. If you have more love, you will compare it and become numb. In my opinion, in the world of love, the injury should not be too deep. If there is scar left, it will leave shadow, except injury or injury. Love can […]

After listening to that song, I thought a lot

… Running freely in the wind is the direction. Chasing the power of tears and lightning, putting the vast ocean into my chest, even a small sail can sail far away, fly in the wind with dreams as wings, dare to love, Dare to Hate, dare to rush, no matter how big the risk is […]