People come to the world crying. Therefore, life is too short, and the world is always full of hardships and tiredness, which always makes people frustrated a lot, a lot, disappointed a lot, a lot, and it will make the wounded heart deeply lonely, turn into infinite soreness, turn disappointment into despair, and hope to […]

Office of tea

The light mist of coffee-colored milk tea rose from the surface; Although it was not vigorous, it also soared up. There was absolutely no room for compromise, and it gradually disappeared after a moment of rising. Looking at the mist which seemed to be lifted up by others, I felt much better with the leisure […]

This life is only hurt by love

This life is only hurt by love. After all, I was still the woman who put too much emphasis on love and could not walk out of the burden of my whole life. — Text: Li Luoshu read several articles about xuexiaochan, and another woman wrote a little half of her life. Only this little […]

Not woman such as tea

People all say that women are like tea. But I want to say: women are not like tea, but women like tea in the world. — Text: a woman who is as thin as tea in the fence is pleasing to the eye. A woman who likes tea may not be very beautiful, but it […]

Spring is here

As if the willows turned green overnight. The green bud shone with golden light under the sun. In the distance, there are little birds singing, which is a praise for spring! I took my daughter with me, walking between the pavilions and pavilions in the spring. These silent scenery in winter in the community seemed […]

Road life is like “patch Flower”

In the afternoon, I came home from Bao Shuanglu sibiao. I found my five-year-old son playing with children in the ground downstairs. When I looked closer, I found that he was digging with small shovel and excavator, my body was covered with mud everywhere. I was so angry that I came forward and slapped his […]


The sunshine in spring is flowing and getting warmer and warmer. What is mixed in the wind is no longer the biting chill, but the mood that is flying day by day. Time goes by like this. Time takes away the past us, but also brings you and me now. Time is so magical. Those […]

A person’s life

(1) in the afternoon at the end of March, although the dark clouds are dense, you can still feel the boiling air. One person, a cup of coffee, a cigarette, a coffee shop. The surrounding was full of strange faces, and the noise came and went one after another. The dining population could be heard […]

Youth does not say defeat, saying defeat is not youth.

I can’t give up old wounds and new worries. I really dare not touch the embrace of life. Am I afraid of pain? Still don’t have the courage to face it? Maybe it was once so beautiful that I felt sad now. I always thought that I would be happy for a lifetime, but the […]

Shallow happy

Each of us has the land to grow a good mood, depending on whether you work hard or not. Do you have enough flexibility to resist depression? Suddenly I found that life was so simple that I didn’t need to think over and over again to be complicated, and I didn’t need to worry about […]