Write the most beautiful transcript of life in good condition

I always wanted to write something, but after all, I failed to sort out the uncertain thoughts. For a long time, I have been addicted to the wonderful fun of life. There is also relaxation, relaxation of all vigilance to the world. Sometimes there is negligence, but sometimes I remember it. In the afternoon, a […]

Heartbroken word, graceful Jessamine herb

The lyrics of the secluded residents living in the Southern Song Dynasty always give people sorrow and sorrow. What is the nature? The mood of a woman is stuck in love and thought all her life. A woman is made of water, and tears accompany sorrow and flow forever. The continuous moist, hard to find […]


The so-called quietness doesn’t mean that I don’t talk all day long, can’t talk loudly, can’t chase and fight, but the peace waiting in my heart. In fact, everyone has a flower grave deep in his heart, burying those sad emotions which are not for humanity, while this flower grave is virtually locked. This lock […]

I think I will always be brave

There was a silent night all around, the cold wind poured into the cracks of the window, and the soft and pure female solo echoed around her ears. I don’t know what language to describe this moment. I only know that at this moment, my heart is surging up with a burst of soothing tranquility. […]

Fate has its advantages and disadvantages, but how to save heart wounds

A friend once said that only when you are sad can you have a story. If you have not been sad for someone, it only means that you have not loved her deeply. Sometimes love watered by tears smells more unforgettable. Two people love each other. Don’t expect it to be smooth. Even if the […]

Who cares about the March smoke and rain dawn?

If spring arrives as scheduled, I don’t think I will express my love to the naked deciduous trees. If spring does not come for a long time, I think I will miss the sunshine that goes through singing together. You say love at this moment in the afternoon, hiding in an unwritten or unwritten chapter, […]

Dream back thousands of miles, a curtain of rose fragrance

Lean on your poetic harbor and gallop endless imagination. Spring, cherry blossoms and green willows, on an emotional weekend, I read your words countless times and felt the breeze and moon between the lines. So quietly intoxicated in every undulating wave of your wrist, I didn’t know that the dusk had come and the night […]


Industrial Park Road in small western suburbs, because far away from downtown, here Natural some eerie silence. Because there were few people and cars, the old trees and flowers seized the opportunity to attack the city and land, making this area Fat. It seemed to be full of green all the year round. The short […]

If it is windy, I don’t want to stop. Such as willow, reluctant to dance.

I once thought how fearful the night was, like a bottomless abyss. But when all the displeasure came to my heart and I couldn’t breathe any more, the only thing I could do was to escape, and only to escape. When walking on the campus path, people are like lights and flowers are like paper […]

Some memories about youth

Some things are deposited in the depth of memory, not forgetting, just don’t want to think of it again. Sometimes I think I have forgotten it, but at some moment some fragments suddenly flash in my mind, as if telling yourself not to forget. When watching “The girls we chased together in those years”, when […]