On that day, the little aunt of the child who was far away from hometown called and specially consulted some questions about filling in the blanks of ancient poems. The topic is not difficult, but the method of the topic is very interesting. The performance is as follows: first, several blanks are all from outside […]

Glass of Wine Yan Huan

Life Huan? Red what love? A little bitterness with your fingers pinned on your fingertips and engraved on your eyebrows is all gone!!! Wasting time, drinking a cup of wine and talking happily for a long time, several iron sons who hadn’t met together came as promised. They were happy here, without fetters and troubles, […]

Look back annoying chatters

It was an accidental encounter, but I began to think about those years when I was young and frivolous, and those innocent days, those days that only the long white clouds carrying dreams gently rub over the head and flaunt, as well as those faint silent afternoon dusk. At those times, time always passed by […]

I miss the hug next season

Say I want to hug you to the air, say I miss you to the hug. If I can return to the common origin, then I must hug you well. When I count to one hundred steps silently, my heart will tremble faintly, just like the vibration of the mobile phone in the dark, I […]

Such as water day

People all have such a feeling: I don’t know how many times I have listened to a song, but I still like it so much, and I have a feeling that I never get tired of listening to a song. In the days like water, let the wonderful songs accompany you through countless lonely times. […]

There is a fish I once fed in the river

At the beginning of July, my wife and I were going out to do something. Due to the long journey, it takes less than half a month to go back and forth. During this period of time, the flowers and plants in the flowerpot on the balcony were told that there should be no problem […]

Small garden sexy

One year after leaving the factory, I lived in a spacious and bright room with three bedrooms and two halls in the downtown, with my heart rippling with unspeakable joy and satisfaction. The first thing I do when I go home every day is to open the window to make the house breathable. Then I […]

Photo-evoke warm memories

In everyone’s heart, there will be a desire to leave traces in the years. When the long years are getting farther and farther, when the yellowed photos are listed in front of us, it is a sad look back, revealing the vicissitudes of happiness, every photo carries too much weight, just like the years in […]

My warm space

In reality, many disappointments, many helplessness, many sadness, many dissatisfaction, many grievances and all disappointments can only be lamented and self-comfort; That is, they have encountered many troubles in life, I am ignorant and have no right to do anything. Sometimes it is inevitable to compromise and seek perfection, because after all, you live in […]

Go, tree planting

Go, plant trees. Outside, there was just a shower, and the streets were washed clean. The sky was gray, and the sun occasionally showed its bright face, which seemed so pale and weak. Soon, it was covered by dark clouds again. I prayed secretly to the sky: Don’t rain, we will plant trees. On the […]