Nickname story

As soon as I mentioned the nickname, I got angry in my heart. I didn’t know who I had hired to provoke anyone in my last life. From the day I went to kindergarten until now, this unorganized, undisciplined but unprecedentedly consistent movement was in full swing on myself and never stopped for a moment, […]

Who will hold the hand and grow old?

I always feel that holding my hand is the most romantic thing to grow old with my son. In today’s fast-paced era, the oath and wish to hold hands and grow old with you may seem old-fashioned and outdated, but I believe that some people are willing to regard it as the most romantic thing. […]


I remember that many years ago, I read a novel like a wooden house full of green vines by Gu Hua. I have always been longing for a house full of green vines. Living in high-rise buildings in the city, it is a kind of extravagant hope to want such a house. Let the House […]

Thoughts of writing long novels

Maybe I am very arrogant, but I am very confident. I have been studying writing for a long time, and finally I have not achieved much, but I am not discouraged; Because I like literature and regard literature as life; I often think that maybe I won’t be famous for writing for my whole life, […]

Streamer engraved on the white wall of memory

Color, the vision is full of white, white to the extreme, pure to monotonous. No red orange yellow green blue purple, no color. This night is doomed to suffer from insomnia. The abnormal activity of brain cells at this night may be due to something that comes to mind: some memories, or some people. In […]

Warm memories drifting away in spring

Spring came quietly, and the warm sunshine was like its servant, following behind him, sweeping the footprints of the winter with warm hands. On the wilderness, there was a pleasant scene of singing and dancing, and the spring was full of earth. People can finally get rid of the bondage of winter, fly their dreams […]

A piece of maple red, dyed in late autumn

At the frost dusk, I opened the window on a whim to look for the trace of late autumn. I had been looking for the whole dusk even at night. It seemed that I couldn’t find the golden color representing autumn in the southern part of nuoda. The full maple trees were as red as […]


The first one was the two aunts who did cleaning, and then the nurse lady who came to measure her father’s temperature. When the nurse who took the temperature just left, the nurse who measured the blood pressure followed in. The nurse who measured the blood pressure hadn’t left yet, and the nurse who sent […]

Spring rain ticking

Hickory Dickory Dock, tonal tonal flat. Spring rain lightly twirled on the silent night with clear and definite rhythm. I listened carefully under the window with devout and clean ears. Listening to the patter of rain is like listening to the Book of Songs, listening to the sounds of nature, listening to a long-lost wind […]

Can’t shake off these melancholy

Maybe it was because of the remote and backward countryside, without all the light thousand equipments, my only way to communicate with my friends was blocked. The day before yesterday, “prosperity is as sweet as the past” only left the end, but can not send out to meet friends, which regret and depression in my […]