Mourning damogu in heart

If life is a tide, after getting involved in it for several times, there is no courage to drift with the tide any more. I just want to be a simple person who can watch the ups and downs of the tide and gather clouds. Occasionally sad, occasionally sigh. People see more, listen more, and […]

The thing on the head (light prose 3)

My colleague, Mr. L, is a very smart person. Don’t you understand? Then explain it again with his colleagues’ comments: He is a person who has no long hair on his head. It should be clear now. When Old L was transferred for the first time, the hair was not so serious. It was just […]

Leave one day

Now, playing mobile phones and computers in the dormitory and trying hard to read Mandarin are for tomorrow’s Test. This Saturday is always good, sleep late until ten o’clock. Sister Zhuo told me to get up early to study last night. I didn’t forget or remember it in time. Final is coming. Sometimes I think […]

Right heart of trajectory

Major decisions in life are planned by the heart, like a pre-calculated framework, waiting for your Constellation to run. If we expect to change our destiny, we must first change the trajectory of our hearts. A person should know his position, just like a person knows his face, which is the most sober consciousness. Xijinqianhua […]

Night Lights

When I came back by bus, other buses flashed beside me, crowded and noisy. Tired buses, with long tails, carried groups of tired passengers. The night came down and they were tired. Who was tired? Tired, tired at night? Like the moonlight in the dark night, it is the most gentle favorite and the embrace […]

Small sense of Winter (II)

For some reason, the winter in Yantai this year is particularly dry. The solar term of light snow has already passed, but there is still not a trace of snow floating in the air. It seems that the God in charge of the rotation of Four Seasons has forgotten to give the Holy decoration to […]

Reading tea degree life

Love reading in life is a happy thing, and love drinking tea is a beautiful thing. Reading can cultivate sentiment, enrich life and romantic life; Drinking tea can enjoy tea fragrance, delicious taste and life. Influenced by the family environment, I like reading books and drinking tea since I was a child. My father was […]


On an unexpected dusk, by the lake in late autumn, the people on the fence beside the bridge stared at the blue waves with soft light, and their faces were filled with the touch of peace. I am still on that familiar corridor, chasing the graceful time with the steps of youth. Beside me, an […]

The past is like smoke “piano stage art”

Since my wife was not around me, I have stopped using the stove which makes people angry at first sight, because it is not a coal-saving furnace. Burning two honeycomb briquette in one night will also make the furnace cool. But on several cold days, in order to keep warm, I had to light the […]

Woman’s mall complex

All women like to go shopping in the mall intentionally or unintentionally. When I entered it, it was a Kun bag with a crisp hand and an empty hand. When I came out, I came back with a full load of left bag and right bag. Therefore, the mood is strong enough to have the […]