Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Today, I quietly leave in the quiet imagination. Tomorrow, I will stumble in the sound of today’s breath-taking. Yesterday became a memory of the past in the alternation of today and tomorrow. Looking at myself in the mirror, I found that my youth gradually grew old in this infinite cycle. There are only crisscross waves […]

I want an apple

I want an Apple, the idea of jointing from the bone, blooming, and producing full tassels, spreading and accumulating on the threshing ground of my body. However, there was a lemon sitting in front of me. The golden color was dazzling and noisy. The concave-convex surface is like eyes one by one, and the Restless […]

Joy and sorrow

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who was worried all day and uneasy about sleeping and eating. One day, his wife persuaded him: What else do you worry about when you are so rich? You can see that cowherd in my family, though he is as poor as a wash, getting up […]

Leaning against the window alone, watching the world of mortals

I like the habit of leaning against the window to watch the world of mortals, which has been formed for many years. However, if you have different moods, the scenery you can see will also be quite different. Thee morning. The breeze gently blows, leaning against the window, looking into the distance. This city in […]


His wife had an operation and lived in the Municipal People’s Hospital for more than a week. I took care of my wife in the hospital. The conditions in the hospital are not good for sleeping, and taking care of my wife can not allow me to sleep all night. Half a night’s sleep is […]

Village of the Moon

I often miss the moon in the countryside inexplicably, just like attachment to my hometown. In the depth of my memory, how many round or short, bright or dark country moons give me a lot of comfort and warmth in my childhood, and also illuminate my life and emotional path. When I was still a […]


Hey, it’s sunny, and finally it’s sunny, it feels so good. Looking at the sky outside the window, it was bright, white and bright, and people’s mood was much brighter with it. Listen to the music, watch the album, sigh with emotion about the past time. Really deplorable like a song and annoying when not […]

shi yi yue of rain

I remember someone said that the night was a music belonging to heavy metal rock, and I never felt the heartbreaking feeling of wild and lonely. After listening to the light music and the quietness of the night for a long time, another kind of heavy metal shouting and crazy shouting, another kind of surprise […]


It is rare to have free time to sit down and look at the gloomy weather outside the window. The mountains on the opposite side are hidden behind tall buildings, which are vaguely reflected by dark clouds and unpredictable. I couldn’t help thinking of the life I was going to spend. What on earth were […]


The salesman of the feed company told me by phone: due to the increase of pig price, the following raw materials for feed —- corn, soybean meal, fish meal and so on Rose. The salesman reminded me: stock up as soon as possible at home. Once upon a time, the feed company informed the salesman […]