Quiet moon night, accompanied by ink fragrance

When the sun converges its last speed of light, the quiet and beautiful moonlight night comes as promised, everything seems very quiet and detailed! And I especially like to be quiet. When I am alone, I like to make a cup of coffee, hold a book, or close my eyes to listen to the music, […]

Tap a door and ask the soul

In light snow, the west wind swept the yellow leaves. The sun shines brightly, but I can’t feel the heat. Hands and faces are cold, stepping on thick fallen leaves, on the way to work. The Big Clock of Xihua Gate rang 9 o’clock sharp. The pedestrians hurried to their respective roads. The red light […]

Locust flower (five other articles)

Last night, I dreamed about that locust tree again. There were clusters of white locust flowers in the tender green leaves, bathing in the warm sun, and with the gentle breeze, the fragrance flew far away. Raise your high Chin, miss your feet and stretch out your long arms. The Locust flowers of the tree […]

You have to understand my delivery

Anxiety and hesitation are all confessed to you, and I want you to take responsibility for me. You must know that it was the most mighty and heavy delivery in my life. Because I believe in you. And I think the time I spend on you will be my whole life. Ricci Like (prose editor: […]

Water Lotus

There is a fountain outside the office. It is said that the fountain has not been sprayed for a long time. Only a rockery full of Moss stands alone in the center of the pool. Several unknown plants on the rockery are full of vitality, although the pool water was not very clean, there were […]

The wind blows on me, and I miss you very much

Sitting alone on the window lattice, quietly watching the leaves dancing in the wind. The wind tonight is very strong, and there are also patches of snowflakes swaying with the wind. The huge city is immersed in the hazy spring breeze and snow. I tasted the fragrant tea under the dim light, and my thoughts […]

Depressed heart

I received a call from Xiao Xu in Dubai at midnight the day before yesterday, because the second visa application was not smooth, suddenly my mood became annoyed and depressed. And this feeling is so strong, even to the point of suffocating people. Maybe this is a kind of mood accumulation of many things and […]

Democracy, democracy

Democracy is an ancient and beautiful town located in the west of the small town Langao. There are distant mountains like Dai, clear streams, and of course there are simple and kind Democratic children, they multiply and live in this hot land, and build their homes more prosperous and prosperous. When they came to democracy, […]

Notes of summer work (III)

In the hot sun, the hot stream of people, the gentle smile flowing on the corners of the mouth, mixed with salty and astringent skin. Dragging my tired body all day long, I ran in the arrogant and arrogant world. The face which was soaked in the secular world, like the stinky decay in the […]

Pale write thoughts

Life is not a stop, there will always be many unexpected things. It is very important that Mount Tai collapsed in front of the mountain without changing its color, and the storm rose suddenly and calmly. Turning the crisis to safety often requires a superb mind as well as a good mentality. Pass on your […]