How many nights, so quietly, silently staring out of the window. I have been waiting for you for a thousand years. Looking against the window, the street lamp was clear and dark. The small trees beside the road changed from luxuriant to dead branches, the wild geese came and went, the thin rain Silk turned […]

If you love God

I ‘ve always wanted to write this article. I started writing for several times, but I also put down my silence. I love it until silence is better than sound. I want to think of your face lonely in the dead of night, that period of awakening and yearning which had been waiting for many […]

The distance between ugliness and beauty

On the topic of ugliness, I don’t think I need to say more. Everyone can understand that there are fewer and fewer ugly people now, if you look at the people in the streets, you can find some ugly people, all of whom are handsome men and beautiful girls. Even the older ones are full […]

Sixty-six years old is the post station of my life

People often say that there are three hurdles in life, three, six and nine, which means that life will be smooth if you spend three hurdles at the age of sixty-three, sixty-six and sixty-nine, I neither pray nor believe in this natural code. Sixty-six years old, for life, it is already the dusk and the […]

Occasionally think of you

The scene of encounter is a familiar fragment, which reminds me of you, friend. Three or two young boys gathered together with strange expressions, muttering in their mouths as if they were plotting a plan for a certain purpose. Who is the fruit of a tree? Ducks wandering in the river? Mixed phase stand. Naughty […]

There is a voice

There is a voice spreading till now. There is a kind of greeting to each other, and there is a kind of words muttering for a long time, but I don’t feel confused! Life gives a lot, and also makes people give up a lot. I don’t know when there was an extra roar of […]

Rose soul

In a bad mood, I came to the countryside field alone for a sightseeing tour. I climbed the mountain near the water and wandered on the path in the field, watching the whole wheat field covered by the golden sunshine. One wheat gave birth to two ears, which was a sign of harvest. I laughed […]

2012. Departure. Drifting

Fruitful achievements and year. Snowflakes are fluttering, thank God for his love. Every year when I go to Beijing, I see me off in the way of snow. The hazy weather aggravated the weight of the heart. A person carried his numb feet and walked slowly. Only himself knew how heavy the pace was. People […]

No sleep tonight

On the bank of the ancient canal with bright lights, on the night full of all dreams, I wandered along the Yangsu road with high buildings. My heart took my footprints and traveled all over every room of the hospital’s pavilions, small bridge corridor, Hall consulting room and emergency room. I put my hands together, […]

It’s Raining In My World

Standing in front of the window like this, looking at the world outside the window as if it was raining in my world. Rain, as if no one was around, willful doing, washing, washing. Seeing all this immersed in the rain, I felt an impulse to cry. Standing in front of the window for a […]