Green Coral Sea.

The time in my memory was covered with moss. I suddenly became fond of missing the past, just like an old man at dusk, used to recalling that long and gentle period of time in the sunset, with a smile of Ning Xi on the corner of my lips. Although the time that belongs to […]

Smile Radian

There is a voice that you will miss her existence when there is no one. When you approach, you are actually losing. This voice may be a kind of emptiness and loneliness, the endless torment of your life without shadow. Youth is a hazy love song. There is some sad beauty in the faint, but […]

Find a chair near the West Lake

There is a chair near the West Lake, a chair where you can see spring. In the spring accompanied by the sound of the piano, the blue waves of the lake were full of Lotus, one, one, showing the noble growth without surprise. The jade-like leaves dressed the lakeside in the most splendid posture. Is […]

Some Thoughts Concerning Marriage

These days, maybe by the end of the year, some migrant workers went home early, taking advantage of the New Year’s goods at home, and gathered their hands. Today, it is not the family to marry a daughter, tomorrow is the family to get married. One after another, they played with great fanfare and made […]

Good zui le

If you stay in a place for too long, you will always feel something missing. Going to work is not the whole of life. When a person gets used to a pattern, it may become a so-called rule. When the New Year is approaching, go out for a walk, it doesn’t matter where it is. […]

Seven of

Once: empty I don’t know if this is a sleepless night. The moonlight in the room was filled with the gentle music at midnight. Night more and more deep. The music seemed to be inserted in the mouthpiece of midnight, without the meaning of going out. At night, it seemed to be ethereal. Think of […]

Those years, those things, those people

[Introduction] we missed friendship and love in those years. We learned tenacity and toughness in those things. Those people made us open-minded and grateful. Those years, those things, those people, thank the years for making us mature, thank the friendship for making us strong. Silence is in the past of the fleeting years, the records […]

Time is like sea, friendship is like Song

I like the gentle spring breeze and the shade of green grass, as well as the warm sun and silent snow in winter; I prefer listening to the rain at midnight and composing the Heart song. I like to send timely care to my friends when we get together, and I don’t forget to send […]

Thick tea Love

Red sleeves add fragrance the seven words of reading in the night create the beauty of the dark fragrance of the book at night, which is a beautiful situation that makes people think and want to get drunk. I spent about 300 days in the pure paradise of the literary world of “red sleeves add […]

Listen to birds

There is a big tree outside the office window, and a group of unknown birds perched on the branch. These birds chirped and sang on the branches like a group of innocent and happy children. When I opened the window and saw the twittering birds, I felt a little happy in my heart. I wanted […]