No sleep tonight

At midnight in Dubai time, I stood on the balcony overlooking the deep night outside the window. The fishing boats moored on the Arabian Gulf were lit, and the neon lights of the tall buildings and buildings in Akiman were still flashing. Sleepless Tonight, I went back to the notebook pen computer, tapping the keyboard […]

Scholarly Full House

Mom, where is today’s newspaper? My daughter is asking me for a newspaper. However, I just got it in my hand and only read half of the News title. How can I give it to my daughter? I said hurriedly, wait a minute, mom will finish reading it and give it to you. No, good […]

Let you fall in love with the fragrance of words

She went to pick up her daughter after school. She was already in the fifth grade of primary school when she was less than ten years old and told me mysteriously: Mom, writing novels is popular in our class. I also want to write three books. I just thought my daughter was talking and playing, […]

Love if the video from

Life is always changeable, and each of us can’t put down the unhappiness in our hearts. Maybe it is just a small matter depressed in our hearts, or maybe it is a big setback in our hearts, which hinders our pace forward. Happy things time is always unwilling to stay, but sad things are always […]

Remove obstacles that affect a beautiful mind

How a person views the outside world and others depends on how he views himself. Self-understanding is the basis of understanding the external world and others. Due to all kinds of influences in the process of growing up, we always have various obstacles in self-understanding, which affect our way of thinking and thus our quality […]

Breeze and drizzle

Breeze and drizzle, devastated, in this late autumn winter day. Roadside pedestrian, also from time to time than usual much less. Many times, not narrative and shu xie is a good and confiding. In with time write process, a lot of thinking, it completed a filter and thinking. But the narration written can arouse more […]

Snow fell silent

Living on the plateau, I am used to dancing gracefully in winter snow. If there is no snow flying, my mood will be inexplicably lost and I will feel a little melancholy lingering in my heart! People are looking forward to snow moistening the dry earth. Yesterday, on a normal day in a cold season, […]

Perception Shaoshan

Under Mao, people of the motherland how happy, of the motherland Jiangshan how magnificent. However, how can we forget the sufferings of the past, how can we forget the thousands of rivers and mountains that Chairman Mao led us to cross …… in that dark old China, the sky was dark, and the ground was […]

A fulcrum of my educational inspiration

The time spent on the toilet should be a relaxing and pleasant period for everyone. During these days, people have reached a cycle point of life metabolism. As for me, who has been a teacher for over twenty years, the force of profession, the commitment of career, the call of mission and the pursuit of […]

And blue into dark

I am not a person who likes to be busy for a long time, because I can’t stand the noise. Most of my characters are quiet, especially when I am alone. If divided by color, this character should belong to Blue Series. It’s so big, I really like three colors. I liked green when I […]