Miss Black and White

When your ears itch, someone misses you. That’s what old people say. Sometimes we always divide our hearts into two halves, one is tied to our hometown, and the other is left to other places. When the plum blossom blossomed in lunar December, I would think of someone who was going to celebrate her birthday; […]

Catch-up pace of youth

There is a kind of beauty called cardamom age, which is green and beautiful, and a kind of passing time is like water. I can’t retain the hourglass of time, so I am trying hard to catch up with the shadow of youth, but time can’t stop, to retain the once beautiful possession for me. […]

That a snow

The leaves are colorful, and the withered and yellow leaves are everywhere. First, half green and half yellow will turn yellow soon after receiving. Next, the fallen leaves in the city were cleared up by the people who were loved and cleaned early, and then sent to the garbage bin ruthlessly. A pale and lonely […]

Free Flying Flowers are light like dreams, endless rain is as thin as sorrow

Things are different from people. On the night of traveling in other places, flowers bloom and fall for another year. On the lonely night, lonely strangers opened the black curtain that night. When the new year Bell entered the countdown, are you delighted or delighted? When the moon climbed up the branch, I felt scared […]

Inventory 2011

The silence of the night deeply impressed my heart, and the depth of the night tightly fastened my heart. Fall in love with the mystery of the night, review the past steps, and lift up the calendar of old dreams. The same wayward, the same temper, but things are different. Times have changed. In the […]

Heart with launch

A new barber shop named Jiayu was opened at the gate of the community. My mother was reasonable. It was just the right time for my hair to be trimmed, so I came to this shop gladly. The barber is a young woman less than thirty years old, with plain appearance and moderate attitude. The […]

2011, thank you for having you all the way

It is said that Wuhan was covered by heavy fog on the first morning of 2012. I don’t know if this indicates anything. I just know that I opened my tired eyes, when I climbed up from the shallow consciousness in my dream bleary, the strong light of the fluorescent lamp made my pupil wet. […]


Saying goes: food is, is wisdom. No matter the red events and White events or the celebration of Chinese traditional festivals are all related to eating. From the Manchu and Han banquet to folk snacks, the world of eating is absolutely all-inclusive and colorful, which is among the thousands of eating styles and thousands of […]


Some stories kept in your heart can not be continued, or even if they are continued, they will be a endless bitter love poem. Beginning of Autumn, for the things that I saw in the last season that I couldn’t see, what I wanted and what I didn’t want, those people and things, let him […]

That solemn moment

In a flash, it is another weekend. Leading the children, another large purchase. When passing through the kindergarten where my child graduated when he was young, my child asked my mother, why did I still have the urge to miss this school now? I still miss my teachers and classmates. Now I know I miss […]