Light life, sweet taste

Life is boundless, boundless life. Looking at the elegant and beautiful appearance, everything can not withstand the ravages of time. Facing reality, there is always a lot of helplessness; Facing ideal, there is always a lot of confusion; Facing oneself, there is always a lot of stranding; Facing others, there are always a lot of […]

Ji Guang Pian Yu in the ice age

Preface: The ice age is far away. I compare the third year of senior high school with the Ice Age and regard myself as a surviving mammal. Having seen enough of the white and blank world, the Jurassic period of life has become a thing of the past, and huge ice blocks the future. No […]


I am addicted to playing mahjong and writing articles. This is what the idiot saw in a book written by teacher Jia Pingwa. Crazy people believe in this. Standing on the tail of thirty years old, I look forward to it and sigh with emotion. Rain er shi nian, pronto, years eroded memory, vicissitudes face. […]

Last night today

Last night today, he was deeply concerned about a blessing from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can see your smiling face rising from the bottom of my heart and gradually forget the sad entanglement of the past five hundred times in the previous life. Looking back, you can only make a shoulder-brush […]

Vision moment

Looking forward to the moment, the vision is broad, the imagination is moving, the heart is wandering, and I can’t sleep at night. Colorful or fantastic schemes emerge in my mind to make the lines smooth and freehand brushwork, and the main body is simple and generous, some fashionable elements can be seen through the […]