Still waters run deep

I like to be an old-style woman, hiding in a small building to be unified, doing feminine red, chanting poems, occasionally drawing two strokes or something. But it was a pity that I was born in the wrong era, so I had to ridicule myself. My old-fashioned female complex will become a pain forever in […]

I don’t know

It is not the first time for me to wear the headset and enjoy it alone. Maybe I am used to it. I like disguise, an introverted me, a narrow heart. I hate to contact with others, to talk with others, to let strangers walk into my dreams. In this way, I enjoy the sadness […]

Walk in apocalyptic edge

Some are inevitably troublesome. But people who care about global warming actually bring the reduction of carbon dioxide into their lives. Of course, we can’t avoid the high-carbon life sometimes. As long as we think about the earth we live in, this beautiful planet, we will always stick to the low-carbon life! After all, global […]

Long for home dismay

Why life is so fragile, looking at the withered and falling leaves, drizzle. The breeze rustling, a little careless slide, a fall, a fall may dissipate the weak creatures at any time, if it is not the mother’s phone, it was hard to imagine that my grandmother who had just visited her for two days […]