And make me blue

These words are written to the life that has always been appreciate each other. They are like the salty summer breeze gently rippling on the beach. The low waves receded faintly, leaving a few colorful broken shells. The soft pure golden sand gave off a slight halo in the sunset, and a group of seagulls […]

Wake up, as from another

On the water side, I am willing to wear a lotus fragrance, take a boat with a leaf, cross the moon of Qin Shiming, cross the Tang wind and song rain, and find you on the vast West Lake. I just want to show you around, and tap on every night I miss you. It […]


Confucius said: the wise are happy with water, and the benevolent are happy with mountain. Mr. Zhou regarded it as the philosophy of life, and spared no effort to pursue the territory in real life. When he was a little idle, he would be like a superior person traveling around, heading straight to the embrace […]

Wacom zoned write life spring and autumn

I have been in touch with computers for more than ten years. From the initial Hotel sending passenger accommodation registration form to the real estate intermediary publishing house rental real estate sales information, I have been dancing words on the keyboard for more than three years, from playing forums to QQ space, then to blog, […]


The weather is very depressing, just like the mood I used to have. A little tired, a little painful, because I didn’t want others to find my vulnerability, but pretended to be strong. Stop the tears, let the depressed feeling manyan. I remembered the black memories in those gloomy times, which covered the beauty cruelly […]