Snow way home

Near the new year’s end, the original plan of going home was disrupted by the hard-to-see snow. Railways, aviation and highways were blocked everywhere. We sat at home every day and watched CCTV news without a single word. Whether to return or not was also confirmed and denied by US for several times. A phone […]


I remember that when we were young, we were short of supplies. In our childhood, snacks were fruits of several rare peach trees, plum trees and plum trees in front of and behind the house, except wild fruits in the mountains. Generally, it is wild and small. And loquat is the first ripe fruit among […]

The soul waking up in spring–

When the morning wind blows down the dew of leaves, we never wake up. When dusk comes quietly and night falls, we can’t feel the time passing by in a hurry. Once upon a time, we took your instructions and walked through thousands of rivers and mountains, staying away from your hometown and living in […]

Lakes life

When I read martial arts novels in my childhood, I admire all kinds of heroes! Those stories of happiness, kindness and hatred are vivid in my mind. I often dream in my sleep that I have learned a good martial arts, a sword at my waist, a jade flute in my hand, a white dress, […]

Women, the desolation in their bones

In the quiet afternoon, lazy sunshine poured through the window into the whole cabin, and the warmth spread all over the whole body instantly. Messy thoughts wandered around with disordered emotions. — Article: the one that women are born with is moved by love, sunk by love and destroyed by love because they meet love, […]