Their today is our tomorrow.

Since New Year’s Eve grand auntie was ill hospital, every day and husband took the time to visit you. There was also an 88-year-old old man and a 70-year-old aunt living in the same ward with the second uncle. When I went to the hospital for the first time, I saw the old man’s daughter […]

Join hands in the South to feel life

On July 26th, 2011, a friend of mine told me that he had an article to participate in the ocean essay contest in my heart in and asked me to register. If he thought his article was good, just vote for me. I really registered for and voted for his article. After that, […]

Snow buried the way home overnight, who to complain about nostalgia

Sit quietly in front of the window and watch the night fall quietly. In the distance, the shadow of the mountain was gradually dark, and the sight was blurred; Nearby, the river was flowing leisurely, and the Reed on the bank was withered and yellow, shrinking, letting the cold wind blowing the reed leaves moaning […]

If no tomorrow

I have seen reunion, separation and reunion, and I have also read that time is like a shuttle. If I knew there was no tomorrow, maybe there wouldn’t be so many missing and no one would understand. The inscription of the flower season in tears time passed day after day, but I still didn’t want […]

Simple and natural

On a sunny and cloudless winter day, I like to lie quietly on the bed when the afternoon sunshine is sufficient, let the warm sunshine shoot on my body slanting through the window, and open MP4 lazily, with eyes closed, I listened gently to the music flowing like spring water one after another. The elegant […]

Guishan Island sea

10 yue 6 ri 10 from Xiangzhou District Pier boarding to Guishan Island. The sea water in Xiangzhou District is a kind of light grass green with yellow green. However, when approaching Guishan Island, the sea water is clear, bluer and greener, and the sea is closer to the color of blue sky. The sea […]

Sailor’s spring [Folk Art]]

When the strong ice all over the world begins to break up into parts in the high latitude waters, those tenacious entrenched on the thick anchor chains and high masts, as well as the suspenders of radar frames, cabin covers and suspenders, the ice skates on the edge of the watertight door can no longer […]