Now, it is the Internet era. The network has spread all walks of life, all classes and all walks of life. Whether government officials, national civil servants, soldiers, policemen, writers, editors, journalists, experts, artists, scholars, businessmen, industrialists, lawyers, engineers, designers, or ordinary people, they are all related to the Internet. The Internet has spread to […]

Between one thought, one thought fingertip

Her mind was full of troubles, life, tomorrow and future, and that play was her master. Perhaps, at this moment, she was too secular and sentimental for some unknown reasons: chagrin and tears in her eyes. How should she State? It is life that bears her. Too much uncertainty, too much unknown, constantly suggesting how […]

Yellow sand fall, eyes still red troubles

In the afternoon, in the suburb, the path winds. At this time, there was no bird in the quiet wilderness, and everything was quiet. Walking silently, the path gradually extended behind me. Only my heart was following me, and I didn’t know when I would reach the end of the road. I just raised my […]

Non-Stop, Miss

Snow, those enchanting snow, those who used to like it but now hate it. I thought it was gentle and affectionate, but I turned around and found that it was cold-blooded and ruthless. I thought it was pure and flawless, but I found it was the dirtiest when I turned back. Still in the snow, […]

Silent Love

At that moment, I felt something sour gushing from the bottom of my heart, which made my eyes astringent. Silent Love was a few years ago! In the early autumn of that year, I lived in a small town called ciyaobao in northwest Ningxia for some days, which was located on the edge of the […]


A piece of Snowflake, in the biting wind, dancing beautiful posture, leisurely down from the sky. One, two, one layer, two layers don’t care about the trick of fate, don’t care about the unknown whereabouts. Just fly happily, do your best to purify the air and cover the filth. Dancing as much as possible without […]

Good works are Virtue

Good deeds are behaviors that meet the moral requirements for the society and others, and usually have beneficial consequences. It is a good deed to save people’s lives and win the seventh-level pagoda. It is also a good deed to relieve people’s hardship and donate charity. It is also a good deed to donate food, […]

University speech [piano stage Art]]

I once thought that going to college was just living a fairy life. Looking around, there were teaching buildings like white houses, and students studying here came in an endless stream; The beauty was like the pond of the Fairy Lake and the pond of the Tianchi, and the lotus flowers were printed. Many people […]

Of solitary Museum Night confusion

Pull down the curtain and put the light in the room. The little freedom was dyed with pale light, climbing on the light smoke. The faithful chair kept a foot of loneliness patiently before being put on the table in silence. Outside the house, autumn cast endless wind and rain in the night, hurriedly suppressing […]

Life Whispers

Once, I heard a voice in my dream, which was a voice asking: What is the real Beautiful Life? I couldn’t answer it for a while, so I had to sleep. When I woke up, I was thinking whether a beautiful life is a persistent pursuit of the value of life, or a deliberate pursuit […]