At this moment, I don’t know what I will think. As for this word, I just feel a mysterious power pulling my emotions, from quiet to melancholy. I think, I am poisoned child, Xiao Mo said that I was poisoned by words, but I didn’t know it, and I still looked like I was pleased […]

Induced sister

At that time, you were not my sister, and I was not your brother either. I can’t remember the time and place when I saw you for the first time. I only remember my feeling at that time. This woman and I had never met before, but when we first met, I felt a familiar […]

Winter sun

There is a ten-day long holiday during the Spring Festival. I am very excited because I can finally sleep in. Since I got the nickname “little pig” in NetEase, I found myself more and more lazy and more fond of sleeping. Don’t laugh, this sleep-in is a quiet exercise, which is closer to the realm […]

Dance in the rain

I sat quietly in front of the computer, tapping the keyboard gently, watching my own words gradually showing up and down in the keyboard, pouring out like running water, making a tinkling sound. It seems that I haven’t published long articles in the space like today in almost a year. One year passed so fast. […]

Our youth has long gone

The youth we had nowhere to put, vanished as if Valentine’s day had arrived. The text message said: one cannot miss the last bus back home and the person who loves him deeply in his whole life. Never investigate carefully, do people on this planet do more? Seeing young people express their friendship by sending […]

Walking in March of fireworks

Walking in March of fireworks, I opened the scroll of time by accident. The spring breeze of time gently passed through the corridor bridge of memory, gently stroking my tender and water-like thoughts and curling my feelings of totem, seductive with the wind, graceful with the flowers, indescribable lingering, layered and overlapping. Walking on the […]

Warm happiness

At about on the 7th of lunar January, I went to the fancy barber shop to take care of my hair. I had to go to the street because of the large number of people. I passed by the mobile company and thought that it would be the Spring Festival. Please pay the phone bill. […]

Looking at the stars

Standing under the starry sky at night, I overlook the dark night with stars and moon. The wind is so light and the moon is so soft. A casual turn, a casual look back, staring into your eyes. The grass along the road, the leaves beaten by Frost, and the scorched heart were also exhausted, […]

The bitterness of Leaving Home (Part One)

In the spring of 1999, after one and a half years in junior high school, I left quietly and left the junior middle school of M school that I dreamed. Ah! Ah! I said goodbye to the old middle school that I deeply remembered, away from its footprints, and went back to the top of […]

The bunch of wintersweet flowers outside the window

Bunches of wintersweet flowers are half-blooming with a smile. Although there is no longer the fresh and colorful flowers in the past, the faint fragrance scattered from the buds is overflowing with the hanging of the four fields, proud perseverance is on the flower bud of the branch, guarding clusters of flowers that have become […]