Notes of summer work (1

Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three Chunhui. Forget that put up the strain in a white stained layers of silver; Not forget that day and night waiting for infection deep folds; Not forget that Mimi of sentence and care; forget that feared delay return thick injury worry; Forget West under the setting sun […]


On the second day after the end of the college entrance examination every year, the summer vacation of senior three teachers actually begins, and the school officially has a holiday for more than one month until the beginning of July. Except for raising flags on Monday morning and holding meetings occasionally, I mostly stayed at […]

Love prose online, love this pure Day

In the afternoon, the warm wind blew my hair gently through the window. Make a cup of hot coffee, turn it on, surf the Internet, and linger on prose online again. Oh, it’s really cozy. Nowadays, who asks which is my favorite literature website? I think I will answer him (her) without hesitation. Prose online […]

Voice tears

Who is calling me gently in my ear/The Voice is floating in my heart/that is the result I ‘ve been longing for/last night/his voice is in my heart/lifting ripples microwave/layers of microwave/there thousands of words to tell me/To tell me. Wonderful, beautiful and sad music can always intoxicate many people, making people immerse themselves in […]

The time that cannot be placed

Frozen Music, frozen words, frozen heart resonance. It seems that it is always too easy to get used to one thing, so as a result, it often falls into the dilemma of being forced to quit the habit. Someone told me that it was no big deal to smile. In fact, I am like to […]

The last time for you

Today’s mood is just like this gloomy weather, which makes me hate myself very much, so I don’t expect you to have a better view of me than myself. Turn on the computer, and there are some porn games waiting for me on every page. I really want to smash the computer. I click or […]

Wintersweet flower open

Yesterday evening, I was so idle that I lingered unconsciously to the Lake Yuxiu. I was only going to find a quiet place in the rockery and dead water, but I was never attracted by a faint scent. Incense, this kind of incense is hard to describe, but it also surprised me. The winter solstice […]

A you zi si xiang

Tree Crow, Bridges people, West Road thin horse. Sunset, heartbroken people in the horizon. The language of Ma Zhiyuan’s Song Xiaoling of Yuan Dynasty is very concise. There are only 28 words in five poems, and only a few strokes draw a picture of wandering thoughts with sorrow overflowing, show the wandering Wanderer’s yearning for […]

Birthday talk

On the way to work, I heard others say that today is lunar November 11, a special day that I have forgotten belongs to me-birthday. It is because I am used to doing anything is the reason of solar calendar. So slowly in my heart, I only remember the solar calendar December 26, the great […]

Cyber love light

In winter, the bride who was waiting for marriage was ashamed to show her face. The rainy weather made my waist feel painful and my hands and feet cold. If you think something in your heart, you don’t have the mind to do things, and your physical discomfort covers all your inspirations, and you have […]