Puberty met menopause

It is a little cold in winter mornings in northern China. We two shrank our necks and went to take the bus talking and laughing. The bus stop is 500 away from the unit. After getting off the bus, my daughter said, “Mom, do you have to walk so far every day after getting off […]

Equinox Flower

I like eating while walking, which is a kind of enjoyment of freedom. I like to live an unruly life, and I will not be a lady or gentle. Gentle point. This is what he often said. But I am more presumptuous, because I want to be myself. I can only be myself. If you […]

Mountains easystay

Preface: recently, netizens have been asking me where I am? I said hiding in the remote mountains. They either don’t believe it or are confused. In my spare time today, I will write this article to let everyone know about my life in the mountains. Preface: In last August, Shaanxi Qinglan Expressway project has been […]

See streamer gone

The old year is over, and the New Year is coming. The time was narrow and the finger seam was wide. It was the end of the world that the Mayans predicted in the legend in 2012. I am a person without faith. If you don’t believe in the Lord, Shakyamuni, Allah, and even more, […]

Happy thought.

When you met me, you knew that actually I was not a person who occupied sadness. I love to laugh, and it makes me more silly than anyone else. Look, this is me, the original me. A heartless smile never mind any image, innocence and no annoyance. But later, there was a little accident. He […]

Success or failure in concept

I have been reading the essay of concept written by Zhang Shoufu, a part-time professor of Shandong University and the director of Shandong provincial government office in Shanghai recently, and I have a deep feeling. Through decades of observation and thinking, Zhang Shoufu found that concept is the most fundamental factor determining a person’s fate. […]

Washed sun in spring rain

Camus said, in the deep winter, I finally found that there was an invincible summer in my heart. Under the Flower City, in the spring rain, I finally saw a warm sun in the sky. Inscription in the morning, the light sunshine is flowing, the feeling of warmth and fragrance are full. Walking on the […]

The similarities between collecting antiques and making friends

When you see an antique, its appearance is very beautiful, with dragons and phoenixes on it. Although the price is numerous, it is placed in a bright counter, so you should be careful and careful. It is likely to be fake, may worthless. An antique with no pattern on it. It is a little ugly […]


I don’t understand your uncontrollable tears. You don’t understand the desolation and desolation of my heart. Even though I began to miss you from the second you left. I won’t let myself cry. I need to pretend to be relaxed to cover those thoughts that are about to come like tsunami. Even if every minute […]

Thank you for every encounter in your life

Every day, we are experiencing, and every day, we are forgetting. With the guidance of beauty and goodness, the nourishment of friendship, the casting of morality, the enlightenment of wisdom and the lingering encounter, it is a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Inscription in the long river of human life, there are countless people, opponents and […]