Whispered deeply, who promised who would warm the future.

No. 1 everyone will be the scenery that everyone passes along the road. And the little things in the journey became the most beautiful decorations of everyone’s life. My friend said: love is better than knowing each other, who is who, who is not who. No. 2 please don’t get too close to me, because […]

Warm sun in winter (5) What can I use to save you

The essence of this world is rational. One plus one equals two. This formula is everlasting and transcends all words and languages. The reincarnation of spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons is also eternal, which cannot be transferred by individual will. It is also the law of nature to grow and grow together. Personal power […]

I stay committed online

Night, so quiet. I like to sit quietly in front of the computer when I wake up, listening to my favorite songs and letting my thoughts fly with the fluttering music melody. I will browse articles on the Internet to share the happiness brought by literary works, and also bury myself in words to move […]

Autumn Melancholy Sharen

Off duty, looked at dark and tearful days, to not going home? I some indecisive. Colleagues trickling away, someone from time to time reminders: Don’t leave!. I perfunctory and echoed, and continued to play computer absent-minded. My colleagues almost walked away, and old Su in the office said with a gloomy face: Lock the door! […]

Mind-altering fate

Mentality determines the success or failure of life. Facing life with a positive attitude will make you full of confidence; Positive attitude can make you win happiness; Positive attitude can help you attract wealth; positive attitude makes you happy; Positive attitude promotes you to think about problems normally; Positive attitude can motivate yourself and others, […]

Leaves of choice

I remember this sentence: Leaves leave because of the pursuit of the wind and the absence of the tree. Sometimes I think that the leaves in autumn are flying in desperation, but what about spring and summer? Where are the leaves falling in the wind and rain? They were still young and were blown away […]

Morning light indulged in music, day and night obsessed with words

Whisper of fireworks for rendering a winter, those still shine xixishushu through chuang ge zi into thousands of households, opening a door had dusty window, found window views has reassembled into different world. The blowing wind, again overflow me breathing, overflow me memory. Do not know when fall in love with such a night, hooked […]

The flying spin of love Silk

For several months, there was no rain falling. Many places in Yunnan were experiencing the test of drought. Finally, on February 29th, the last day of February, it was also a unique day for four years, the sky began to be gloomy. At night, before it was almost dark, it began to rain. I, who […]

Hometown of the Four Seasons

To be honest, I don’t have much prejudice and preference on seasons. In the northwest mountain of my hometown, seasons are very clear all the year round, and every season has its advantages, each season has its own shortcomings. Let’s say Spring is warm, and both the elderly and children like it. But spring is […]

The forgotten dream flowers fall

The fog dispersed and the flowers were broken. Finally, I saw the truth clearly, which was the sadness after waking up from a dream. Colorful neon, the songs of love curl up, the songs are not enough for the troubles of the world of mortals. No matter how beautiful the fireworks are, it will not […]