Discussion on civilization

When I rode out in the morning and passed the zebra crossing, I saw many vehicles, so I stopped to wait for the vehicles to pass. The first few cars ran by, and the last one was a bus. From far to near, when approaching to the front, what surprised me was that the bus […]


Today, the weather is not bad, but it is noon, there is a little wind, the sun is hanging in the far Sky, and there will still be slight warmth when it shines on people. In the afternoon, my sister called but didn’t receive something. She said hello on QQ, saying that her grandmother had […]

Meet troubles

Spring is very familiar to me, and the memory of spring in my life is also rich and colorful. Sometimes it is like my floral shirt, floating in the warm wind. Some are my favorite bowknot shaking on the braid. Spring is kind to many people. They sow diligently and revel in the spring flowers. […]


Two years ago, when someone left me, he said to me with anxiety: Don’t impose your will on others too strongly in the future. Otherwise, you will eventually hurt yourself. Because, no one will really understand your original intention of doing this. At that time, those who hadn’t experienced many worldly affairs I am frivolous: […]

Spring snow

I got up early in the morning and saw a layer of snow falling on the top of the opposite cottage. I hurried to tell my daughter to get up and see the spring snow. My daughter was dubious and said whether I was asleep or not. I was speechless. However, when she witnessed the […]

Wheat war

In March of Yangchun, Willows spit Green, everywhere is full of vitality. The wheat seedlings in the wheat field are turning green, which makes people relaxed and happy. In Jiang Kui’s Yangzhou slowness, there are ten miles of spring breeze, and all the shepherd’s purse wheat is green, which is exactly the portrayal of this […]

To future

Life is a complex balance. When encountering problems, in order to keep balance, we constantly change weights. It’s good to do more and more mistakes, do less and make less mistakes. What I have experienced is exactly the beauty of memory. When you can sit, never stand; When you can lie, never sit; When you […]

Happy new year recalling hardship [Folk Art]]

Is a year happy spring festival is coming, Street hurriedly buy New Year, Day multi-like day. Heart view years ago shopping landscape, pick a day, and then casually walked into any a large supermarket, see damn sure is a sea of people and clotted streets. Deep in the crowd, the shopping cart that everyone pushes […]

Long time, thin clothes

The winter in the South is low, wet and cold, and there is no bright color in the last two days. I always think that winter is the warmest season. Because of the cold, it is warm and slightly warm will be infinitely enlarged. That kind of warmth slowly penetrates into the bottom of my […]

Want to say a thousand words, but no words

Desire and thousands of words, but no words, want to cry with sorrow, but silently, the eyes that look at each other are flashing empty. In the cold winter, the mood that should have been hibernating was dripping with exhaustion and decline. Looking back on the way of coming, it was drenched, coming and going, […]