She, I

After breaking away from childhood and rushing to the adult world in a hurry, the memory of childhood became more and more vivid, even the beating, tears and loneliness that no one knew at that time, you can tell people around you again and again with a smile. I remember that when I was a […]


The first time I met fellow villagers was in the hospital. That time, I went to Qing doctor to see a doctor because of my discomfort, and the doctor was in neurology department. I just lowered my head and told the doctor about my illness, but didn’t notice that it was my fellow villager standing […]

My home

No. 20, Mingluo second Lane, Mountain City, is my new residence and my home. I said it’s home, but I don’t live here often. I only live here for less than two months every year. Although he lived for a short time, he had some feelings for him as a family. Lane, as its name […]

Love war, earthly chaotic

In the past two days, I saw the Condor Hero again (hereinafter referred to as A). The feeling is different from seeing the sound of the Horse (B) The Dragon and the eight parts (C). Generally speaking, I didn’t rush to see these movies again. I didn’t rush when I saw B again. I only […]

Girl’s theory of evolution (literature monthly)

The night swept the whole Wuhan. The black fear bit my heart like an ant. The neon lights showed off her luxury to the world enchantedly, the city was so prosperous that it was almost an illusion. Thousands of houses were brightly lit, but I couldn’t find where my heart belonged. Zhang Ailing said that […]

Garden perception

There is always an unchanging law in the world, and the multiplying generations of new lives finally have their own destination after being washed by time. This kind of destination is really hard to avoid, but the traces left are intriguing. Zhou Wei came to the park for a walk with his friends in his […]

Memory in winter

When I was very young, it probably meant that I hadn’t arrived in Tianjin yet? At that time, it seemed that I didn’t have a deep impression of winter, but only a memory was that my parents left me for Tianjin with my younger sister. My second aunt lied to me that they took my […]

There is an agreement that the deadline is a lifetime.

There is a kind of feeling called mutual help and mutual dependence; There is a kind of tacit understanding called Never abandon, never leave, forever. —— Dedicated to the lovers who finally get married and grow old in vain. The distant bell echoed in the rain, and we listened hand in hand under the eaves; […]

I know, I still lost to myself

The new year hasn’t arrived yet. I think I can say I’m 20 confidently. I just escaped from Chengdu, which had a livid face all year round. Before that, I knew nothing about subtropical climate except the rigid definition in books. When I was forced to face the huge city alone, I was surprised to […]

Thoughts Miscellaneous fly

I opened my favorite diary, and there was no trace of words on the blank paper. Suddenly, the inner feeling was that some important memory was lost. But when writing, I don’t know how to record it. Those words become unfamiliar and the words become stiff. I don’t know why this inexplicable feeling occurs? I […]