Winter rain fall Jiangnan, listening the yell of life

The rain in early winter and the coldness of silk fell down in the picturesque south of the Yangtze River, without the decline of fallen leaves or the bleak yellow, occasionally giving people novelty and exclamation, the beautiful picture of the world, there is an indescribable contrast to the ice and snow of the north, […]

Mid-Autumn emotion

Tonight, the weather is cool and cool, and it is mid-autumn festival again. But the sky is full of gray clouds. Have you ever seen the affectionate Moon, and there is no trace? The round Bright Moon can only be found in ancient poems. Mid-Autumn Festival is always sad for me, a frustrated person. Looking […]

Learn to be “your eyes” attentively”

After more than half a year of seclusion, I finally came back and participated in the movie screening activity of “33 days of losing love” for the blind on March 4th. For a long time, it was not because I wanted to be lazy, but because of my daughter’s increasingly heavy schoolwork, I could only […]

Leaves falling butterfly spinning, like water flowing year

The falling maple leaves are like missing, warming the autumn at the end of the year with waves. The flowing clouds are light, light, and the tiny sunshine flows out from the cracks of the clouds, scattering on the ground, like crystal clear but fragile crystal. The light was flowing and stained with the dust […]

Encounter, I think

On the Lantern Festival, I happened to meet her, who was his sister. At first, they were surprised, and then they all smiled naturally, and they were embarrassed. This smile is definitely not a courtesy pretending. Later I thought carefully, why did I laugh unconsciously at that time? We’re enemies. The separation between him and […]


The tone of a sentence, a look in the eyes, an ordinary action. The suspect thinks that all these should prove his perfect reasoning that his reaction should be like this. I doubt that you are a thief, you have no clothes to wear, you have no holes to hide, naked strips are exposed to […]

Menopausal syndrome

My menopause performance: I always worry that cigarette butts will not disappear and may resurgence when I go out. I am more worried that I forget to lock the door when I go out. In order to be safe, I must return home again, as a result, everything is normal. This kind of worry once […]

What are the Chinese thinking about?

I wanted to write some profound topics for a long time. It happened that a freshman was confused about the current society the day before yesterday. I talked with him for a long time, and the topic was very big. I talked about the current situation of China. Now I will talk about the relevant […]

My lover is like a partner

Since I had a lover, I felt happy all day long. I am love her so much, I really feel that I can’t see her every day. My family members all advised me to stay away from her. If no one advised me, I wouldn’t listen. I just loved her. She was so gentle and […]

Praise to good messengers

Beautiful things often arouse people’s beautiful reverie. People yearn for beautiful things and pursue beauty. Advocating beauty also seems to be the eternal theme of life. Beautiful things are the masterpieces of nature, the marvelous workmanship of nature and the gift of nature to people,. Nature has its own unique landscape throughout the year. The […]