Also said gain and loss

I divide gains and losses into internal gains and losses and external gains and losses. The inner gains and losses point to one’s heart, which is related to one’s spiritual quality, as well as one’s inner harmony and peace. External gains and losses point to a person’s external life, which is related to a person’s […]

Lantern Day

In the evening, I walked with my niece to send my daughter back to her hometown. After celebrating the Lantern Festival in his sister’s house, his brother-in-law had a poor waist, so he intended to send someone to drive his daughter to his hometown to attend her cousin’s wedding tomorrow. But my daughter proposed to […]

Kapok leaves

Spring in Shenzhen seems to come earlier than in other cities. As soon as the cold weather of spring festival passed, kapok spitting flower stamens could not wait to bloom with the temperature rising. Kapok leaves fall in spring, and tired and old yellow leaves slowly fall in the spring breeze, which is quite similar […]

Poetic dwelling

Langao is a poetic place name. Not? Lan, Lan Qi, Gao, the Highland beside the water. Living on the shore of Lan river, it is a city with mountains and water, cloud and mist, and a fresh and tranquil city. If you are a benevolent person, you can enjoy yourself with the picturesque green mountains. […]


As time goes by, my student age has completely ended. I am no longer a student, but my body and mind still think about problems in the way of students’ thinking, but the social reality does not allow this, unless it is out of touch with the world, the reality will gradually smooth its edges […]

Alive, like a flower

Why are we alive? I have been thinking about this question these days, but I have never found the answer. Most of the time, I feel that I am just like a withered flower. All the water is evaporated by the air, and what is left is just a body without thoughts. As usual, I […]

Looking for tranquility

I haven’t been out for a long time. Today, when I was arranging those books on the desk unintentionally, a photo fell to the ground. Pick it up and have a look. It was the photo of the small mountain village in the north three years ago. The picture is very simple. There are three […]

See also that Street

Familiar, once, again and again, passing. Sad, recalling that road brought me happiness, sadness and an unexpected ending. Today, come back here again. It becomes specious here, not as calm as before. Both sides of the street have been replaced by tall buildings without the detailed visual sense. I can’t find the kindness at that […]

Black humor

I don’t like crying, because I love being strong. Once, he asked me, why not cry? I replied, because I am not a coward. During that young time, I swore to myself that I would never shed tears in front of others or show weakness in front of others. Even if the next second was […]


Pain, pain, pain! This kind of feeling is not the first time. It is just like acupuncture, and sometimes it is like knife, axe and saw. I know that this is the mark left by life and another form of experiencing life. I don’t know I am should appreciate life or hate life? As long […]