Live like a fruit tree

Is it easy for people who like words to feel sentimental? I can’t remember since when I became so lonely. I just want to stay away from the crowd and stay alone. When a person starts to refuse noise and crowd, then everything seems inappropriate and incompatible. Keep a habit of writing all the time, […]

Night imagination

I opened the window and looked at the colorful fireworks, chewing the loneliness in a foreign land. My once injured heart was aching faintly, so I had to let the overflowing thoughts drift in the wind for eight years. May 12, I was threatened by darkness, when I was threatened by hunger and gave up […]

Learn to appreciate yourself

Today, the biology teacher asked me a question. I stood up and stubbornly said for a while: No, my mind was blank. I stood alone on the seat and felt numb, the bell rang, the teacher said to sit down! My whole nerve began to be disordered. I couldn’t help crying anymore. I cried on […]

Heart of sustenance

However, human beings are also very fragile animals. They bury their fragile side in the deepest part of their hearts forever. They are optimistic and carefree in front of outsiders. However, when it comes to the dead of night, who knows its sadness and crying. When people are tired, they all need a harbor of […]

Text, women’s

I have always thought that words have a puzzling relationship with women. Some people say that there is a kind of sadness in my articles, some say that my mood is particularly sad, and some even say that I am a lonely woman. No, facing the sea, spring blossoms are my yearning, lively and cheerful, […]

From downstairs warm

The woman downstairs is noble and beautiful. The fashionable dress, the fair skin, the age of 43, looks less than 30. I often meet her when I go downstairs. She always smiled at me politely or nodded, without much conversation. My husband has been working here for eight years, and I heard him talk about […]

Day Break

Now I finally know what life means. In the past, when I learned vocabulary, I only understood the written meaning of this word when I saw it. However, the last accidental factor made me experience the meaning of this word in person. When the press festival was coming, I led a tug-of-war team to participate […]

Happiness is in the side

What is happiness? Some people say that happiness means wealth, status, happy marriage, longevity, health, beauty, success in career, good food, well dressed, good living, etc. In fact, this view is wrong, but this is not the case. Now there are many people with wealth and status, and they may not live happily. In fact, […]

Teacher heart

That head bigeye round Boys, handsome gas, also have a catch opportunity and will tackle naughty gas. He active, lazy, but learning not poor. Such children if parents can with education, future should be great talents. Heard in insert my class before, he is a boarding-school students. Don’t know why to move to this completely […]

All kinds of life [literature monthly]]

Rest on weekends, but don’t sleep late. I don’t know whether my body has special potential or something else. As the sunlight passes through the clouds and penetrates my eyelids, I am like a cursed ghost. I stand up straight and turn on the computer, it seems that I am carrying out some secret things, […]