Dream country there is a shed

Different crops are planted in fields in different seasons. It was late autumn, and the field in autumn seemed a little empty. Looking far away, at the end of sight, green trees stood neatly on the edge of the field. The field and trees were so beautifully connected, make your vision avoid desolation and blind […]

Written in Dragon Spring

The spring of the year of the Dragon finally came. Although it was a little long, I still looked forward to it. It has been more than ten days since the Spring Festival. I have also returned to the small town from the countryside for the Spring Festival. According to the monthly calendar, I went […]

Those warm woven days

A few days ago, my son came back from his classmate’s home and brought a half-woven sweater and said to me: Mom, Xiaoqiang’s mother said that she was too busy recently, so she really didn’t have time to finish weaving this sweater. I volunteered to get it back, please help her finish weaving. Boy! Hearing […]

There is some happiness that others still remember

Some happiness is remembered by others. Chewing this sentence silently, thinking about the joy when I first saw her, and imagining the true meaning of this sentence from my friends. Inscription at the end of April, the fragrance is still the same, the warm sunshine is all over the city, and the heart is also […]

Listen to the night’s black

The Moonlight is light, covering the pine forest outside the village. White clouds are scattered, and some strange stars are missing. Tianhe where? _Guo Moruo’s “quiet night” I always thought I was afraid of the darkness of the night. Until a few days ago, the school stopped electricity for a day. In the dark night, […]

Campus story

Who made a wonderful silhouette for the nursery of the soul with wonderful hands? Who spread gorgeous colors all over the campus? The sound of books is the charming music in the campus; Is that melody elegance from that person’s soul? There are countless birds singing in the bright spring, whose voice is a little […]

Under the, spring

What surprised vicious waves boat crossing, hold qing hui hand lines. The suffering life is 800 years old, and the Evening Bell is sung in the Morning Cloud. Where is the border of Jinghua? The ancient road is so vast that it is broken. I am willing to follow you for a hundred years, and […]

What is expensive in life

When I was just about to remember things, I was just catching up with the popularity of earthquake prevention knowledge across the country after Tangshan earthquake, as well as the long novels about government and people’s army’s rescue and selfless dedication to the lives and property of people in disaster areas, reportage was filled with […]