I formed the habit of not being picky about diet, and paid more attention to the improvement and enjoyment of self-cultivation in spiritual life. As long as I can satisfy my hunger, have a sense of appetite, get along with nutrition, and have no excessive extravagance, this is the low requirement of my secular life. […]

This is my thousand articles in red sleeve

Today, my 999 article has been published in the red sleeves. From the first article published on September 27th, 2010 to this moment, this article has already been the 1000th. If it was before, I would think it was such a distant dream, but I didn’t expect it to come so easily. Looking at my […]

Guide students to learn “details” description

After primary school students enter the advanced stage of study, students’ writing training becomes composition training. How to guide students to write compositions well? After more than ten years of research, I have explored a way to tutor students’ compositions. Among them, the most important one is that the teacher should strengthen the guidance of […]

Standing train top

Although the overall evolution of communities, organizations, cultures and people is carried out in a gradual and gentle way, it is still easy for some people to feel uncomfortable. Like drinking herbal tea, although it is known that there is inevitable bitterness, when the liquid medicine flows through the throat, the larynx will still tighten. […]

Knowing you is my unregretful love

Faint dark fragrance, faint feelings, deep thoughts. Spread in this quiet and beautiful moonlight! Sitting under the starry sky and counting the years, a cup of coffee without sugar, I tasted your heart while drinking coffee like this. Looking forward to your direction, thinking a lot! It makes the color of this winter more rich, […]

Wandering Heart

In a few days, I will give up all the comfort and food and clothing in my home, as well as those love, hate and sorrow, with my empty luggage and backpack on my shoulder, and say goodbye to my relatives and friends again, leave the hot land of my hometown where I was born […]

di shi jiu a summer

In the 19th summer, the cold rain bounced on my face, parallel to tears; The gentle wind blew over my ears, so I felt lingering. The thin fog is rolling, rising and surging. My heart was filled with the moisture in the air, and there were all wisps of sorrow floating on it. I fled […]

Rain-switching in

The afternoon rain was like a curtain, ticking and continuous. In June, my heart is as cool as water. The indifferent wind swung the dense leaves, blowing off some busyness and beating the vague thoughts. An eternal temptation. Even though I was numb by pain, I never forget it. Only time can turn everything into […]

About Light women and heavy men

Why do you want to put women in the front? You just want to find a balance point. Said so many years of gender equality. In fact, is it really equal?! I don’t think so. It is estimated that so far, there are children born in the family. Elders, the first sight of a boy […]

Tobacco avian fine fragrance

Inadvertently into lan mo blog, like her words of that simple and indifferent, clear text, peace of mind, let you inadvertently were negated Zen of quietly elegant and quiet the infection. Read the heading, just know she cites of Zhu Xi in the sentence tobacco avian fine fragrance, I also was immediately this sentence diffuse […]