Independent weather, just XQ

The continuous spring rain has been coming to this small city in the south of the Yangtze River. The weather is cold and humid, and the sun has been shining for a long time. If I hadn’t seen the willows on the lake start to sprout, I would have thought it was still in winter. […]

Dubai, you are my third hometown

About to leave, I will bid farewell to the ups and downs of Shangyu, my second hometown, and set foot on the plane to Dubai again, crossing the sea to this emerging city deep in the desert. This time it may last for three years. I can’t believe that I am so keen on this […]

Lonely people enjoy their loneliness

Sometimes, loneliness is also a kind of enjoyment. I don’t know if you remember, I once said in my mood. I enjoy loneliness because I can’t find like-minded friends in my life. No matter my outlook on life or my ideals and pursuits, they are incompatible with this society. I was once very depressed and […]

A city a person’s

Walk into a city, meet someone, miss a city, miss someone. What we say is that if we like a place, we don’t really like it, but there is someone we like in that place. Oh! Forget who said this, maybe he was right, maybe not, at least, not here! I remember that when I […]

Warm winter (7) give you a new year gift

On the first day of the new year, our brothers walked 6 miles to pay New Year greetings to their elders. Walking on the road, I asked myself, what is new? What is old? What is the true meaning of the year? How to realize the essential meaning of farewell to the old and welcome […]

Women need to care, men also need to care

Hello, I don’t know your name, let’s call you that for the moment. First of all, I want to thank you for the happiness you have brought me over a month. Your net name is that happiness goes with each other. If you get good, you will be as famous as others. Although we have […]

Platform of her

If you ever got off the bus, for her! I also had this kind of wild thinking when I took the train. Now that she knows that she is just a scenery on the platform, then just think about it. There is no need to get off any bus. Although her scenery is beautiful, it […]

Those years

A long time ago, a friend told me that his biggest dream was just to be secretly loved by someone he had a crush on. Up to now, I have already broken contact with that friend, but I was surprised secretly that I remembered such a sentence so clearly, and I didn’t know whether his […]

Walk with sunshine

I am ordinary woman, living in a simple house, living an ordinary life with a low salary which could not be lower. Of course, as an ordinary person, she also has very ordinary thoughts, it is enough to just hope that the whole family can be together in peace and stability. Every day, I woke […]

With Mom and Dad to travel

Plan your life, so clearly describe what you want to do in words one by one. After reading it, you suddenly sigh with emotion. Maybe it is because you haven’t had such a plan for a long time. Maybe it is, in the daily running, I have forgotten such details, which can bring more surprises […]