Heart of the spring

In nature, since the Earth rotates around the Sun, four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are divided on the earth. Life on the Earth has different feelings in different seasons. Especially the perception of spring to human beings, there is always a kind feeling. The climate in Spring is warm and pleasant, and […]

Glance of love

If the wind comes, a fallen leaf will be left as a thought. If the rain comes, a dewter will be left as a memory. However, you did come here, leaving only a hint of expression in my eyes that I fell in love at first sight, the boy, who I forgot my appearance and […]

To: Small Time

[Flowers] Flowers live in the sky. I like my present sheets, roses, violets, tulips and daisies, which are covered with large tracts. My head is deeply buried in this soft ocean, and there will be fragrance of flowers flowing in my dream. It seemed to stop raining for more than ten days one after another. […]

Warmth of power

I read a special series of “southern window”, whose title is “alive”, which is the same as the original concept and values of “southern window”, making people feel heavy and solemn. Only this time, these two words, straightforward and concise, let people see the weight of life. Simple but bearing the weight of life, it […]

You are my confidant on the Internet

I sat in front of the computer and listened to an online song “You are my confidant on the Internet”. Touching music and lyric verses made me in a high mood. Thank God for letting me meet you/I know each other in the network/the corners of the world/heart and heart together/continuous affection are all in […]

2012 gift

When we were still immersed in yesterday, the morning glow had cleared away the clouds for the Sun. At this time, we drank a cup of boiled water to burst into the intoxication of sleep, and our hearts felt relaxed immediately. Savoring the warm current carefully is so happy. It opened the gate of a […]

Wild chrysanthemum two questions [piano stage Art]]

The wild chrysanthemum on the half slope flows down from the hillside, with clusters of golden flowers flowing through the ordinary, plain and warm movement of the half slope. Whenever I pass by the wild chrysanthemum on the half slope, I can’t help slowing down my steps, gently breathing its soft fragrance, and its petite […]

The choice of life

Recently, my heart is quite restless. I have a lot of time, but I am lazy in action, thinking a lot, but my heart is at a loss. Now my work is really relaxed and I have plenty of free time, which is what I pursued before, but now my heart is confused: am I […]

Hello, my inner child

After having dinner with the guests, I couldn’t get rid of my unspeakable sadness for quite a while. I know that my inner child was stimulated. On the dining table, the restaurant was very slow to serve at the wedding banquet, and it was almost interrupted twice in the middle, which gave people the impression […]

Who lonely than fireworks

Finally, we will wave goodbye to us in a gorgeous and colorful way tonight. At dusk, looking from a distance through the window, the thin rain was floating faintly above the long lane. The ground was permeated with thick moisture one after another. I received a text message yesterday that the fireworks on this year’s […]