I won’t worry about this season

Once again, I passed by the Grove of the campus. The tall trees always gave me a firm and fulfilling feeling. They recorded the years in the annual rings, watching the people passing by the Tree Day after day year. By accident, the years old their faces and let the sad light Moss climb over […]

Star Night

Heaven, or the original heaven, earth, or the original land. People are constantly changing. A person’s life is both long and short. Some people have made great contributions to the society and human beings, and they are well-known; Some people are ordinary and unknown. Life has many necessities and accidents. It must be the premise […]

Lonely Western-style house

There is a special education school in the scenic lakeside Huangsha Bay. On the south side of the playground near Dongting Lake, there stands a Western-style building with European and American architectural style. According to historical records, this was the residence where the Americans, the Haverley couple, came to Yueyang to establish a school more […]

A snap of the fingers, heart seamless

Most of the time when narrating a story, the feeling in the heart is more. However, the feeling between the fingers and the heart is a subtle emotion. I have never thought that giving up is the best result for each other. If I love each other, I will give up because of love. What […]

Yuzhong remember

In those days in Lanzhou, the weather was always gloomy after the rain, and the slight wind was refreshing. One free afternoon, everyone went to the edge of the Yellow River together. I stood beside the Yellow River, the muddy Yellow River under my feet was flowing calmly, and the blue and gray sky above […]

Happiness life

My heart was paralyzed by trivial life, and I couldn’t feel anything new. People often said that whether life cheated me or I cheated life. I was also unwilling to feel that life was not as bad as I thought. I thought I was bewitched by the front line of the trend. I couldn’t find […]

Difficult Hidden City

I always thought that in a small town, I could let time flow slowly without trace until my years passed away, until only memories were left in my life, just on a cane chair, reflecting the bright sunset, a cup of steaming tea always hopes that time can rotate in this order. Everything in life, […]

Graffiti Art

Every time outside the gate of Jingjing art campus, you can always see some children painting on which Wall. At the beginning, you still feel fresh and can’t help asking curiously, what are they painting? It seems that graffiti has been known and understood from that moment that there is such an art called graffiti […]


I can’t remember how many days I have left my hometown, and I don’t know whether my hometown has changed a lot compared with before. If you leave home for a long time, you will miss it unconsciously. If you leave home for a long time, you will not help missing it in your heart. […]

si yue. Rest

It is warm and beautiful, the spring flowers are delicate, and the soft wind is thin and lazy. When it was the most gentle and charming year, the stiff and vigorous qi which was linked to the eyebrows spread away and dissipated. In such a season, it is not tiring, decadent, ill or hurt, nor […]