I don’t hear anything outside the window

It was the first time to listen to the old thoughts that adults criticized and read dead books when they were young when they didn’t hear about things outside the window and only read books of sage. Although I don’t know what a sage book is, I feel that a sage will harm others. Later […]

Calm is beauty

Looking back suddenly, I have stepped into middle age unconsciously, feeling that my steps are not so light any more, and every step of lifting and settling seems so cautious. Looking at my colleagues around me and their new faces, they were so vigorous and vigorous. Looking at my children carefully, they became handsome youth […]

Those years after college

The three years of college have ended. During about two and a half years at school, I will not go into details here. When I went out of school, I had entered the society. All thoughts and reality are coming to you no matter whether you accept it or not; In the meantime, decisions should […]

What is Life? Qintai art

Bing Xin said: If life is boring, we have an afterlife. If life is interesting, this life is already satisfied! But what is life? I sighed lightly, looking for this profound answer. I don’t want to be a thinker. It was too tired and painstaking. However, the Wenchuan earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 shocked […]

You are gradually blurred, love is still clear

You and I once met in the season that never withered. Now there is a vast sea of people. You are no longer my return. The autumn wind blows the old fragrance and adds autumn frost. The night is so quiet, the Moonlight is shining in the dew, glittering, can you see it? It is […]

Actually, it’s a beautiful night

I didn’t go out for a long time. I was imprisoned in a square inch and could only look up at the sky, the Sun and the moon calmly. At a rainy moment, I deeply felt the hostility and friendliness of the world. The ups and downs were like the bamboo forest in the wind […]

Free environment Capriccio

I don’t know when I started to like prose online and QQ space. When you are free, you can write something whatever you think in your heart. After publishing, you will click more times and follow more posts. When your efforts are rewarded, you will also have a little sense of accomplishment in your heart. […]

Rain Apple Hill

The rain trickled down for half a morning. The heavy rain began to converge until the car entered the winding mountain path of Fushou Mountain. I looked out from the window of the car, and the Fushou Mountain in the misty rain and fog was looming, just like a veil-covered woman, shy, shy, pure, beautiful […]

Dipped in ink, for your leaving

When you told me in the morning that you were going to quit the free circle, I understood that you had made up your mind and it was useless for me to say anything. Since the day you dispersed the management group, I had a hunch that I really didn’t want to see such a […]