A girl who loves me deeply, sorry.

You are a cheerful and passionate girl. The first time we met in senior two, when I was in senior one, I really haven’t seen you, maybe you are ordinary, maybe you have a kind of unknown hiding. When you first arrived in our class, you were friendly to make new friends. In fact, I […]

Master, there is a better place here

I went to Q on the morning of that day. It was rare to see the master’s debut, so I said hello politely. The Master immediately ridiculed: Long time no see, where is the disciple happy? Let’s tease him: traveling around the world, master. He asked exaggeratedly: Ah?! Which four seas? Why don’t you take […]

Flowering Tree

Night is always the most pleasant time of my day, and the old desk lamp glows in the dim light. There was a breeze blowing out of the window, and the misty tea fragrance was sent to the tip of the nose. I gently stroked the folds of the book, and the words in the […]

As in lan shan

See the Lu Xiaoman wrote “cry friction”, I for Spoony little man worried crack lung, small Ord in the recollection and Shima life together, regret on Shima friendship indifference, every word V love, sentence heartbreaking. However, world impermanence, accidents will happen, ren you dan xi huo fu. No one knows what will happen on the […]

Balcony on star flower

When my eyes touched it, I was immediately attracted by its graceful dance in the wind. Its casual soft branches were like a young girl’s flourishing waist, reserved without affectation. When the willow branches stretch out and the winter jasmine flowers bloom into the eyes, the Pentas flowers can only be called five-star grass. It […]

New set sail

During this period of time, when I sat in front of the computer and looked at the blank document, I was always stunned and couldn’t write a word for a long time. Since I went to work, there have always been excuses like this and that. I always feel that I am busy, so there […]

Battle finally end

During this Spring Festival, I contributed nearly 1000 yuan of GDP to the Ministry of Railways, from Ningbo to Wuchang to Xiangfan and Huangchuan, and then went in the opposite direction. When I went back from Ningbo, almost all of them were sleeping on the sleeper, so I didn’t feel the tense atmosphere of the […]

If it is as clock

There is no need to suffer from gains and losses because of the dress of gold, silver and jewelry; There is no need to be dazzled by the colorful lace decorations; There is no need to feel bored because of the Jewel appearance. I always like its insipid, like the stone Yangjuan, without any precious […]

Moon in unknown

On the afternoon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lingjun called me and said that brother Mei Shi had an appointment with his friends in the city tonight to enjoy the moon in Yunmeng Pavilion in Nanhu Lake. How could such a good opportunity be spared? After dinner, I went there happily. Having lived in Yueyang for […]

Plain is also a kind of beauty

Like a Song, dream. Everyone plays wonderful or gloomy dramas one after another on the big stage of life. Every drama is out of print. When it ends, you will never find its trace again, however, the little memories left in the heart can become eternal. When the night is still and you cannot sleep […]