Unfortunately I am Pisces

When you have time, you will no longer have enthusiasm for those things you once wanted to do. The funny thing was that the desire at that time was so strong that it seemed that what would happen if we didn’t do it. Now. How to explain your changes and how to comfort yourself will […]

No snow in winter, still looking up at the sky

This winter, snow is like a woman who breaks the contract, making the yellow season wait like a basin. Every cloudy day, I look up at the gray sky, looking forward to the coming of snow. I always feel that winter without snow is like a person without aura, and winter without snow is boring! […]

Simple Life

Reviewing the old song “Looking back again” gives me a different feeling again: looking back again is like a dream, looking back again, my heart is still, I know that plain and calm is true, yeah, no matter how peaceful or all-powerful we have ever been, after all, all these will be classified as nature, […]

Walking · walking · It’s far away

In the winter of the North, with cold pain, it was bleak under the sky, whitewashing the dryness and dust on every static or Walker. It was in this winter that I was separated from some things and people slowly, and then gradually moved away. Walking on any gully in the north, on a desert, […]

Someone once said: I am your rice sand

I am neither don’t wake up nor Su Nianan. No one will be my rescue, nor anyone can be my fate. -Wedge I stood wandering on the road, the hot sunshine was barbecue on the ground, and there was light smoke on the asphalt road. I stood on it barefoot. Its temperature spread to my […]

We have no story

A few years later, by coincidence, she and I sat together again, restrained like two strangers. Later, I occasionally greeted each other on the Internet and talked about life. It was very strange. Facing the computer screen, it seemed that they were both at peace and still knew each other well. Time flies so fast, […]

No past

Last night, a strange friend came to my QQ. Once she added me, she asked eagerly: are you from Nan’an! I said: Yes, I am from Nan’an Honglai! She asked me: Is Hong Lai far from the dock? I said it was not far away, they were all in Nan’an City. I asked her what […]


I haven’t made any money for many years. For seven years, I have been wandering in this city all day long. I am familiar with every corner of this city, seeing buildings getting higher and higher, and the distance between buildings getting narrower and narrower, the sunshine is getting less and less, but the accommodation […]

Sleepless night

It was already two o’clock late at night, and I still had no sleepiness. Looking up, it was hard to find the stars bit by bit in the dark night, as if I was deliberately avoiding my eager eyes. It seems to make such a night feel embarrassed. Having just experienced the erosion of rain, […]

Sadness hesitated in the cold rain of early winter

The wind blows on the skin in the morning, and there is no feeling of warm wind touching the face, which gives people a slight chill, but this feeling of coolness penetrates the bottom of the heart, which makes people unconsciously associate: winter is approaching, it has arrived unconsciously, quietly, autumn and winter come. Time […]