Never folded flower Flower has charged

I went out late this morning, so I was alone. Therefore, I have more leisure and look at the surrounding environment. A few days ago, it was just a flower bone. Magnolia, which just bloomed yesterday, has withered for some reason today, leaving only part of the flowers alone on the branches. And the petals […]

The embarrassment of the borrower and the annoyance of the creditor

Because life has a continuous relationship with economy, we will have the experience of borrowing and collecting debts in our daily life. Since I didn’t have the background of family economic strength since I was a child, my marriage, giving birth to a child and buying a house were naturally spent in borrowing money. The […]

Where is happiness

Where is happiness? What kind of life is happiness? When people reach middle age, they don’t have the recklessness and frivolous when they are young. Instead, they like to recall leisurely and think about what happiness is secretly? —— Every day when I go to work, I will pour a cup of green tea and […]

Hot Kang

In recent years, we have been going back to our mother’s home for Spring Festival. Living in my mother’s house, the most obvious difference from my family is that there is a hot Kang, which is the most comfortable place for farmers. Every time I go home, my parents will burn the kang hot for […]

liu yue, that graduation season

When I was still wandering in your world and feeling your youth, you declared the youth that I shouldn’t judge and the nightmare of being judged out. Waiting in this world of morning, see cold temperature, Angle put lowest, and then listen to heart 1.1 drop change, let this season on what happened. Maybe the […]

Farewell in the snow

Fall soft. The streets of the small town are quiet and desolate. In the twilight, occasionally there were three or two people wrapped their coats tightly, holding each other, or walking cautiously, rushing home, leaving only a string of shallow footprints behind them. There were some snowflakes on the branches and leaves of the trees […]

Smell the flavor of Sunshine

In late autumn, no matter how warm the sunshine is, it is also warm and suitable, which can relieve the mood and clear the eyes. The sunshine is warm on my body, sending out a warm smell, and it is scattered all over the floor. On a leisurely afternoon, there was a faint fragrance, several […]

Touch winter

On a sunny winter noon, I suddenly wanted to go to the mountain to have a look. This winter day has come for many times, and there have been several snows in the north, but my winter is not practical. The sunshine is just warm, the wind is gentle, and it just touches the face. […]


I walked under the peach blossom tree. Raise your head and lower your head, the Falling Spring red is in the hair. Close your eyes and gently smell a burst of intoxicating fragrance, which is the last gift of the petals leaving the branches. However, I, the person who walked freely, unexpectedly got this gift […]

Enjoy the fairy tale world dyed by snow in winter

In winter, the land of Northern Xinjiang fell asleep beautifully under the thick snow quilt. The fickle snowflakes wantonly rendered the silvery beauty in the quiet wilderness, and the open and lonely desert was decorated with magnificent momentum by the snow, the long sand sea of yellow sand turns into the vast silver snow sea. […]