Car train to Lhasa

On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the wind in early spring is steep and fierce, and the floating prayer flags and Mani stone piles form a sacred and peaceful silhouette. The majestic Kunlun Mountain, the dreamy Jade Everest, the mysterious Namtso Lake, the beautiful Tibetan antelope in Hoh Xil, the glittering water of Tuotuo River, the endless […]

Corn poppy

Love a person, a thing or a thing, no complete reason, no clear reason to follow, as if the previous life with the lingering, but a still not end, fate has not yet ended, destined to be at the same time in this life, continue to immerse yourself in the past. When I began to […]

Let the smile bloom like a flower

Although there was no coolness in the early summer morning, my heart was trembling. A gust of wind blew through, shaking the leaves to a sound, just like a muffled thunder exploding in my ears: your wife needs an operation! How! Over the past decade or so, we have helped each other and supported this […]

Flowers bloom in half a summer, elegant memories

Looking back at the beginning, I came to the legendary beautiful paradise with the same expectation as them, imagining the bright future waiting for me. However, I gradually found that I was wrong. Yes, I am satisfied in my heart. I have a lot of spare time. I can have fun with my roommates and […]

Their heart

Breeze breeze, suddenly do other is forest wind in the, ear of birds. Tactfully through the ages is unforgettable myth, how can know flute light turn not old Heartsongs play, water of implication not being able to achieve the dream again remodeling. Love lasts through the ages because of the world of mortals. At first […]


When my sister came back to visit her mother, she talked about the old things, which were always vivid, making me far away from my childhood, with ups and downs in heart and sleepless all night. I couldn’t help thinking of the past, those unforgettable days, the class where the book was loud, and you […]

Winter remember

Finally, with the chill since winter, the north wind began to invade the city, as if chasing the footsteps of amnesia. In the wake-up atmosphere, we began to feel ourselves. Clothes began to accumulate, wrapped layer by layer. Beauty became a noun, and it froze in the frost. I have been thinking about why the […]

How to explain the word “love”

Every time I carried my luggage and left my hometown, I could always imagine that the figure at the door of my home was so long as the old Elder. It was the train that took me away from my hometown. It was the station that made me understand what parting was. Dust sounded, temples […]

Fusheng is a note in hand

My friend called and said that when we had dinner today, we just woke up and were rubbing the slightly distressed eyeballs. Thinking, why did we arrive in the afternoon at once? Sometimes people are like this, lamenting that time is too fast, complaining that time is too slow, it seems that the feeling of […]

How many good sisters do you have?

I transferred a diary in the space of Yiyi, a social netizen, listening to a song “How many good sisters do you have” sung by Meng Tingwei. The name of this song is very suitable for my feelings at this moment. I asked myself: how many good sisters do you have? How many people around […]