Home miscellanies

The small village in my hometown has a remote geographical location, which is far away from roads and railways. It is very inconvenient to travel, especially when the weather is windy and rainy, there are fewer people on the road, the inconvenient transportation leads to the block of news, and I know little about the […]

Hotel California

On the highway, the passenger plane and I were chatting everywhere on the bus, which was loaded with dozens of tons of long-distance goods. The driver is a middle-aged man with more than twenty years of experience, and chatting is an effective means to restrain sleepiness in long distance, which is the basic common sense. […]


What on earth is wine? What I drank was water, and what I spit out was something in my stomach. Some people spit out blood and their faces turn purple after spitting out. Is really a bit scared. After drinking and getting drunk, the appearance is very funny. Some people cry, some laugh, some curse […]

Feel pure

As a teacher, he also preached and taught. I dare not say how deep the secret classics are and how high the cultural accomplishment is, but even if it is pretending, we have to explore and comprehend from practice. Although I have been a teacher for only ten years, I look like a teacher. Every […]

Living with die

I passed away one after another with my classmate’s two female companions. One is a relapse of heart disease after drinking, and the other is a car accident. I once asked the people who attended the funeral in detail what they looked like when they died. The girl who died of drinking was in her […]

Struggle and disillusion

It has been more than three years since I left the public office. When I was 58 or 59 years old, I always liked to weave colorful brocade. There were swimming dragons and phoenixes, birds and sunrise, and clouds, planning the life after retirement happily, trying to get rid of decades of fatigue and heavy […]

Sun penetration March 24

On Saturday, March 24th, it was a fine sunny day. The sun was shining with sizzle, making the world sound of ping-pong. The sunshine was overwhelming, and the buildings high and low cut it into large and small blocks, with distinct angles; Cut it into long and short lines, which was different. I haven’t seen […]

Mind in call

The soul is the most honest and substantial thing, which can’t be seen with eyes. Only by heart can you see clearly. What the soul calls and attracts is always what we like and want most. It contains our interests, talents and passion. Growing up is not lack of beauty and fruits. As long as […]

Topics related to books

Once in the countryside, I think I have only a handful of books. Although it is not a book collection car, in this remote village, I am afraid there is no second person who can own a separate bookstore and several cabinets of various books. After 30 years of accumulation, although many of them were […]

If water Women’s thin if idle clouds

I always wanted to be a plain girl who didn’t put on the powder, walking quietly in my life journey, ignoring others’ or secular eyes at all. Just like a pool of clean water, flowing freely and freely in the mountains and valleys, and singing and walking. Also ‘ve always loved simple clean text of, […]