Go with You wandering

Wandering does not have to go far away. Wandering is just a kind of mood. The travel distance is not the standard to measure wandering. It is said to be wandering far away. Actually, it doesn’t care about the distance of the journey. What it needs is only a psychological state of self-deviation from the […]

Remarriage why hard?

Remarriage? Remarriage is actually not difficult, and it is not easy to find someone in the world? Some men and women get married after a few days of divorce. The difficulty is happiness. Without this content, even if you have been married for many times, it can only be a formal follow-up without any substance. […]


The sun is going to set. It seems that after a whole day’s consumption, the light is not dazzling, dragging a slightly tired body and slowly sinking. I am leaning against the balcony, enjoying the residual temperature left by the sunshine, looking at the old “besieged city”, there were several Fawu standing silently beside the […]

I feel after reading Yu Dan

After reading the complete works of Yu Dan’s experience, I was impressed by the wisdom of philosophers and moved by Professor Yu Dan’s unique insights. The broad and profound thoughts of philosophers are the source of our traditional culture. For thousands of years, they have been influencing the personality ideal of Chinese people with their […]


These days after Qingming festival are rainy days. We are transplanting rice seedlings in the rain, ploughing fields in the rain, and doing everything farmers need to do in this season. Today, it was saved. Because the rain last night was too heavy, my father thought that the water in the field was too deep, […]

In spring

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky […]

Their World

If, in the next life, then, I just want to be a tree. In this way, I can stand forever and take a proud attitude… some people can’t say anything good, but no one can replace it. In the journey of life, such passers-by always appear from time to time. They always turn your world […]

Like smoke drift

It was in March and Ming Dynasty. Around the Tomb Sweeping Day every year, I go back to my hometown to offer sacrifices to my parents and grandparents, shovel a few shovels of soil, put some firecrackers, burn a few pieces of paper money and bow in front of the graves of the deceased elders, […]


Nature is magical, not only because it has the replacement of spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, but also welcomes the dawn of the East with a new look every day, it also lies in a natural symphony with beautiful melody played by birds, animals, insects, fishes and creatures, which makes people feel the baptism […]

Dormitory: the epitome of an era

On a cold night, I passed the dormitory where I had lived for many years. Stopping and looking, I saw a dark building silently, and some windows were wide open, hanging in the air. Have a empty, people have changed feeling. This three-story Soviet-style building seems so small, so old and so vicissitudes in the […]