Good thoughts “literature monthly”

Because we set out late this morning, in order to be in a hurry, I said to my daughter: you go behind, I will run to the market to buy two steamed buns, let’s sit in the car and eat. My daughter asked: do we cross the road? I didn’t even think about what I […]

Yellowing of the memory

In today’s boring days, looking through these old photos which have been slightly yellowish, I suddenly found that I was so young and beautiful. The past years reflected in my heart again with this image, unconsciously, life slipped quietly at my fingertips like this. I once had dreams, losses, bitterness and happiness! Childhood is my […]

Wandering between the secular world and the spirit

Work for life and rush about for life. The two concepts of life and work are nothing more than human field and workplace. The circle of workplace is very small. In an office, there are several familiar faces, who is what character, who is what nature, and even hobbies, language habits, psychological activities, ways and […]

Blades of time

These days, I am spent in confusion, anxiety and confusion. I don’t know how I became like this? Maybe I am is really sick! Maybe I am have experienced too many vicissitudes of life, maybe nothing. I constantly affirm and deny myself. In the silent night, my wandering soul is still walking lonely in the […]


The universe is as vast as a sea of smoke and boundless at a loss. Among the stars all over the sky, any star may be larger than the mass of the Earth. Any star is the product of nature and a part of the big family of the universe, all of them have sparkling […]

Every bit brought by the Internet

I remember when I just learned to surf the Internet, when I boarded QQ, I just listened to music and played games. At that time, I liked playing gobang best. Although it was not good at chess, I liked its quietness, which could make me calm down and think. I didn’t have a netizen, that […]

Travel with dreams, don’t want to wake up

Everyone who passes by on the road of youth will get the gift from God, which is a beautiful dream of being packed into delicate pockets one by one. So in that wonderful season, we started a romantic journey with dreams. A little flower, imagine that there is an elf like a Thumbelina in it, […]

Avoiding the occurrence of love tragedy is the motivation and root of Cao Xueqin’s writing A Dream of Red Mansions

I have published several articles about a dream of red mansions on the Internet, which didn’t attract others’ attention. Of course, that was in my expectation. Because I am neither an expert or scholar working in the national professional Redology research institution, nor a famous Redologist, nor a full-time researcher or associate researcher of the […]

The rhyme of the fingertip hurts, and the endless youth fleeting time

The sky is still clear, but it can’t change the youthful and brilliant years; Still keep a lonely and struggling heart, but can’t change the wealth and prosperity of the same age; Still so bold and unrestrained, but I ignored the white hair that had passed away in my youth ~ when I was young, […]