Walking on the country road

I like the path from the back door to the countryside along Caopu, walking slowly in the flowers and grass of the countryside through the red brick high buildings step by step. Feel gently, the sky with a blue cloud and a smile, the light of winter, and the early morning sun. It turns out […]

New Beginning

After a period of busy and difficult procedures, today, accompanied by my husband, I finally start a new day, a new working environment, a new face, I hope everything can go smoothly according to the path of life. I remember that day when I went back to school to move things, my colleagues in the […]


Some memories are sealed in that corner. Use a compression software to pack and compress them all, and store them permanently in their own history museum. When looking through the glass window and watching the frames in each period of time and space, the scenes are like colorful films showing. The same air, separated by […]

Listen to the sound of snowflakes falling down

The snow tonight, so sudden and so majestic, made people unprepared, both surprised and happy. Looking through the window, I can see clearly that snowflakes are like clusters, waving one after another. Standing in front of the window of fallen flowers, my wandering thoughts have nowhere to be placed. In the night when no one […]

Spring is coming, it’s time to sow

Grandpa lived alone in his hometown. His mother who worked in the county went home to see him once every half a month, and his younger brother who went to high school in the county went back to see him once every month on vacation, my father and I, who were far away from home, […]

Look forward

This spring should be the most rainy spring in my memory. As the saying goes, spring rain is as expensive as oil, but I don’t know if the spring rain is because the water in the Tianhe River is too full and keeps overflowing. Since the beginning of spring, almost no sunshine and cloudy sky […]

I love I worry

Time goes by/River flows eastward/maple leaves drifting/another autumn/looking forward to last night/looking forward to this night/drinking wine to pour sorrow/sorrow more sorrow/looking through Beidou/looking forward to your looking back/smoke to lock the Paris/can be broken liu/Past Calendar/in my heart/I love/I sorrow. Listening to the song “I love I sorrow” sung by Chen Rui, the graceful […]

The river in my memory

I remember when I was young, there was a small river in the south of our house, which was beautiful and clear. Fish swam freely, so we often went to the small river in the south with some older children to fish, or go swimming in that dam. The road in my memory is very […]

At that time, we were still young

Sometimes, I would leave everything aside without scruple, leave all the sadness and pain behind my head, and ride my bike along the long endless path. I once walked along such a familiar path, but gradually found myself lost and had no direction. Maybe I would encounter something, maybe I would encounter it. At that […]

Watch warm

What he was familiar with was the wooden house built by him with cedar trees and the small yard surrounded by mud. The house was on the hillside. Looking from a distance, it was like a broken straw hat embedded in the green mountain forest. The wind blew and shook, as if it could be […]