Year-end trivia

In a few days, the new year will be coming! My daughter called and said that she would not fly home from Wuhan until lunar December 28. The lover then asked her whether she was cold or not? What do you want to eat at home? She said it was very cold, and it was […]

Happiness should in heart

I don’t have to work from nine to five, sleep till I wake up naturally every day, do my favorite things, stay together with my family, stay away from those hurt accusations, criticisms, sarcasm and endless nagging, this is the life I longed for several years ago. Now, these dreams have been realized. Ask yourself: […]

Review of Ant Tribe’s struggle

The struggle of ant tribe, with the passion and dream of young people, fetters the worries and missing of thousands of families. This is not a good movie, but also mixed with false elements, but it truly reflects a real problem. The Dream of young people living at the bottom of the society is shown […]


You are so kind to me, what reason do I have to cry? What qualifications do you have to be sad? Just because the inexplicable scumbags or trifles hurt the heart you loved so much, even the God would not agree, so I ignored those sorrows because of you. Even no matter how big the […]

Time over 21-year-old

After all, the sea corner and the end of the world are so far away, while the sea and the blue sky are so far away from each other. Time goes by forever. The sunshine is still so bright that it flies over the 80,000-mile horizon. The microwave in the North Sea spreads my thoughts […]

Don’t let me get drunk alone

Life is like mellow wine/sometimes strong/sometimes thin/years and sentimental drops in my heart/Put your hope/Your Dream/Slowly lean in my arms/put my happiness/my pain/Pour into your wine tonight’s Summer Night breeze slowly, alone I stand in balcony window overlooking, looked at front caoe River Third Ring Road bridge ablaze with lights busy the nighttime north of […]

Called “soul”

I have never understood whether people have souls or not. I think this is a deep question. A few days ago, I met an old man in my hometown. She told me that her daughter-in-law had a car accident. She was unconscious and unconscious in the hospital for seven or eight days. The whole family […]

Youth is far away, dream is awake [Qintai Literature and Art]]

Yi Zhongtian said, Chinese used do three dream, Emperor dream, clean government dream, dream Knight, but eventually end in disappointment, but Caomin a daydream. To be honest, Emperor dream? I never did, China only has a Wu Zetian, it’s not my place; Upright official dream? Never thought, although I skin dark enough, and package sunspot […]

With six

1. It should be no stranger to Zhang Henshui’s full-length novel “The cause of laughter. Modern literature said. Books Read. After being adapted into films and TV plays for many times, its influence has become more and more extensive. Shaanxi Satellite TV has been on the air recently, and has watched several episodes on and […]

Grandma I think you

Grandma, I miss you. I really miss you. Can you see me in heaven? I have been a grandmother for a long time, but I still miss you. Where are you, Grandma? I miss you. You are often seen in dreams. You twist your feet around, never rest, either mowing or feeding chickens. You drove […]