Calm without trouble

When people are alive, they have to deal with some big and small troubles. On this issue, God is fair. The troubles it gives to everyone are basically the same, and there will be no big difference. Our attitude is to deal with these troubles calmly. One less worry means one more happy thing. It […]

Those beautiful things are because of you

Looking back, there will always be a period of unforgettable, touching. Like a root, deeply buried in the softest, memory. Your appearance was when I was most helpless. Bring me comfort and brightness. You said, when seeing me pouring a complete bottle of wine with tears streaming down my face, I began to breed love. […]

Outdoor Taoyuan

There are two places in my Peach Garden: one is the place where I often go swimming and relaxing, and the green grass in the middle reaches of Tonggu river that I often go to after learning photography. The scenery there is beautiful and outsiders are rare, I called it a paradise and wrote it […]

Those lost emotions

Reading Ju Meng’s long love poems and sitting in her words always make us imagine whether there will be different flowers under her wonderful pen. Her words always make our thoughts dance. Drizzle, sunshine, flowers and all the beautiful images are her lovers in her works. The breeze and the moon, the spring water Ding […]

Growth injury sustained on.

The noise and arrogance gradually weakened in summer, and it came to an end. If you are prosperous, you will stay here. In autumn, I strolled lightly. Do not carry natural colors. Only in the morning and dusk, the cool breeze is brave to show, and the autumn has penetrated into the fast-paced life. Busy […]

Heart of the garden

I believe there is such a small garden in everyone’s heart. In this charming small garden, we can stay away from the noise of the world and return to the peaceful inner world. In the world, we can always find a place to settle the small garden in our hearts. Maybe it is a cottage […]


Suddenly it rained all the time, there was no forecast of sunny, and my mood became lost. Struggling in the low ebb, he began to be expressionless and did not speak easily. A word of comfort, a glance, will shed tears. Lock it up and pretend that everything is OK. In fact, I have learned […]

Some people, some roads, some scenery

[The wet sadness drifted on the other side of the world. There was a snow road extending to the city at night. A rusty street full of gears outlined the thick life with paper lines. It was always 1.1-point sliding go down. The clear wind surrounded the pure white wall and stopped at the top […]

Warm sun in winter (4) wish you success

That year, I burned all the awards on the wall, which was the first time I denied myself. From kindergarten to junior high school, the certificates of merit are coaxing people, which have no real meaning, or they have not found its real meaning. In my opinion, they didn’t reflect me at that time, or […]


It is still the road we have traveled in those years. Looking back, what will be left? You once told me that we can only be friends. Why is the journey of love blocked. I saw the snow again in my heart, but I lost my way lonely. I still remember for many years that […]