Is the beauty of the soul eternal?

Beauty is what people often desire, so what is real beauty? The feeling of ordinary people is that external beauty is beautiful. In fact, real beauty is the unity of internal and external, but internal is more important, just like a computer with good software and good hardware, the perfect combination of the two is […]

On literature gossip

Literature is a comprehensive art of language and characters. There are only two functions of literature: one is the function of education and guidance. Literary works can not only give people guidance, but also give people spiritual strength. Literary works are a form of propaganda belonging to spiritual civilization. Ideological content is the soul of […]

Go and come

I have thought about it for countless times. What will happen when I return to the factory again? When I answered my friend’s question, I was uncertain, but my heart was still looking forward to it. Although the sky is cloudy, sometimes there are still some raindrops, but the heart is not gloomy. I am […]

Beautiful from the heart

How beautiful are the four ancient beauties? Is it really so perfect? Xi Shi shy flowers, but weak enough; Diao Chan closed the moon, but there was a smell; Concubine sink fish, may suffer from body odor; Zhaojun fell wild goose, but born to slip shoulder. They are beautiful and beautiful, but it is inevitable […]

Mood beating

The mood is the little rabbit on the grassland, always jumping around happily; The mood is the little fish in the lotus pond, swimming around slowly; The mood is the waves on the shore, beating the reef repeatedly. The mood is always beating, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes firm, sometimes hesitating, just like the ribbon […]

I am hedgehog

I have said that I am thorny. I am neither a Thorny Rose nor a thorny rose. Although they are thorny, they are beautiful and pleasing, making people cherish and love them. And I, also with thorns, is a hedgehog. I have thorns all over my body, but these thorns are a part of my […]


Last time I went back to my hometown to chat with my parents, my mother suddenly said: the big country is going to celebrate its birthday. Well, yeah. This year, I didn’t forget it, but I didn’t have the childhood expectation: Because at that birthday, my mother would boil some eggs, and each of our […]