Dream Home

When people reach middle age, there are many dreams. Whether sleeping in bed at night or taking a nap on the sofa at ordinary times, as long as you close your eyes, you can suddenly fall into a dream. However, the mountains and rivers in my hometown and the innocence and childishness in my childhood […]


The afternoon sunshine is no longer so hot. The slanting chair was on the bamboo chair in the corridor of the company. The breeze blew across the face, and the tiredness of a busy day suddenly disappeared in the wind, nowhere to be seen. After a long rain, the road was no longer muddy. You […]


Time accumulates nostalgic emotions, and time gives birth to fermented memories. The pure emotion of thinking about hometown and looking forward to hometown; The strong complex of recalling hometown and thinking about hometown is becoming stronger and stronger in the deep memory. In the 1980 s, I received the thin, heavy admission notice which indicated […]

Affection silk flying happy article

I received a phone call from happy unexpectedly in the morning, but the gentle voice was familiar to me long ago. I once heard of the wedding host program recorded by him in his blog, I also saw a gentle and happy smile on his face in the program, bright and calm. Although there was […]

Fragrance after

Reading “The clouds of Peking”, naturally there are waves of sadness. The world is changeable. No matter what, life runs according to the established procedures. It seems that many things can’t be forced. Even if you want to treat a person well for 10,000 times, you can accompany him with you with ease and ease. […]

Silence, Time Machine “piano stage art”

Some time ago, they began to say goodbye, but there was still no end, so those things still exist lightly until now. Many things, in this way, exist for many years, perhaps, will exist for many years. What I want to forget is good? Or is it just a period of time without any difference? […]

The bitterness of Leaving Home (Part One)

In the spring of 1999, after one and a half years in junior high school, I left quietly and left the junior middle school of M school that I dreamed. Ah! Ah! I said goodbye to the old middle school that I deeply remembered, away from its footprints, and went back to the top of […]

Smiling face

Whenever she saw the smiling faces of her father and mother, she smiled, feeling that there was a shallow warm current flowing in her heart, which made people feel comfortable and happy that she had done the right thing, just like an ignorant child, I don’t know what is right and what is wrong, and […]


Life is fate. In society, there are not only great men, Giants, but also ordinary people and ordinary people; There are not only professors, researchers, journalists, writers, editors, but also peasants, workers, soldiers, policemen and businessmen; There are not only rich people, there are also poor people; There are not only political party leaders, heads […]

Can’t Stop the Rain can’t stop the thoughts

It rained when I came out with an umbrella! Fortunately, I have formed a habit of keeping an umbrella often and preparing myself for more at any time. Maybe there will be some potential danger when you don’t realize it! I don’t know this is danger or misplaced! I like to hide under umbrellas and […]