Grain Rain season

The Yanghua fell out of the regulations, and came to the late spring season of cuckoo night crying, cherry red ripe, tea fragrance. I walked on the winding Tea Mountain in Huarong Shengfeng tea house. The beautiful scenery of the green tea garden on the slope seemed to make my eyes particularly clear, and the […]

Give me some space

Everyone has their own living, communication, life, work and other spaces, which are the most fundamental existence of constructing social system. However, between couples, space is also needed. This space is based on the most narrow field of self except the above large space. There is no complicated social relationship, away from the noise, away […]

Dream sadness

Night quiet. Insects. Voice. Calls. Read You. Night dark. Read feelings in. Sleep righteousness no deposit. See the line. Lang love dream case. Star flash. Month dark without light. Forest fog shadow. The shadow suddenly appears. Upcurved togetsu. Little Brook. Arms flat. At present. White Rock. Black mud. Bright Water. Guide forest. See the fog […]

Writing is a disease

When summer flowers are still blooming recklessly in the sunshine, when winter snow is still drifting in the cold. Alone, bathing in the sunshine or snow, sitting in front of the computer and writing everything I imagined. A cup of hot tea was quietly steaming beside the computer. The peace in the Cup reflected all […]

Spring more and more strong

I always live in a hurry without paying attention to the scenery around me. When the holiday happened, he rode a motorcycle and set out towards the two rivers. The journey of 20 kilometers felt silent and vivid. I found that the spring is already strong. The white pear flower is like a plain girl, […]

This meal is really tangled

I took my friends out of Jintian Hotel and walked along Peking University Road, chatting while looking for a satisfactory restaurant. It was really a strange thing. It was just time for dinner. Almost every restaurant was full of cars. Knowing that my friends like me, they are all people who like ease and pursue […]

We are all Scorpio

Scorpio, the word with a slightly cool tone, is so profound in explanation, as if it is parked in the nameless space, which is thought to be unique in the deep Sui. Is constellation concentric lock or empty box relative to you and me? As early as before, I was confused about the zodiac sign […]

Thank you for making us so beautiful

Remove the dust atmosphere in the world, and there is no fire and ice in your chest; But you are contemptuous in your heart, and the moon comes to the wind in front of you. Living in an ordinary world, facing ordinary people, doing ordinary work and thinking about ordinary worries, may ordinary people have […]

Talk About Love

Dormitory chat, speaking of love. A friend disappeared for several days, and later she learned that she stayed in the dormitory all day long because of breaking up with snacks and rolls of paper on the table. And she looked at the sensational Korean TV series with tears and snot. When I saw her, she […]


When we were young, the teacher told us that the master of “Wolf Comes” was not a good boy and he liked to lie. So we swore to criticize his behavior, but when we grew up, we forgot the central meaning of “Wolf comes, we are doing the new version of sheep herding children unscrupulously […]