The power of the soul

Facing the powerful opponents in life, what we fear is not his strong and tall body, nor his rudeness and rudeness. As for those ignorance and blind arrogance, it is not worth mentioning. In the long river of human history, whether your status is high or low, your actions are all guided by your soul. […]

Warm sun in winter (6) I have an appointment with you

I will earnestly fulfill my promise every day. It is easy to say but difficult to do things. Only by earnestly fulfilling promises and using actions to prove them can they be the most persuasive. Read more good books and read them repeatedly. I have read an e-book “professional speculation principles” before, but now I […]

The reverie of Spring [folk art] Solicitation

Picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, you can see Nanshan leisurely. This is a kind of artistic conception and also a kind of living condition. Mr. Wu Liu envied his free and easy, and liked the peach blossom garden in his works. Once upon a time, I also imagined a peach blossom garden of my […]

Notes of summer work (V)

The best quality is just like the bad quality can be exposed in luck, and quality is also shown in bad luck. — Bacon I believe that quality plays a role in the embodiment of human value, just as I believe that gold always shines. However, in this world, it is also common for thousands […]

Look back 2011

After passing through 365 days and nights, the pointer of time returned to the starting point from the end and started a new cycle. There are still two days left. In 2011, let’s turn over it gently. Looking back at the road we have traveled in this year, every footprint is filled with hard and […]

Will ever end

The eraser of time wiped away all my happiness. The scenes once faded, and the memory left in my mind was still there. It was just pain to keep it, my body has been hurt by the whips of memories. No, what I want is not the ending like this. Once I am was so […]


The moonlight like water finally broke through the clouds and hung on the branches lightly. The reflection of the leaves fell on the ground, making it particularly clear and gentle. The boundless sky, with a few stars, released the depression covered by the gloomy clouds for many days, flashing slowly and permeating with joy. So […]

Winter pregnant with injury

Sitting by the window on the fifth floor, I was stunned. There were flying snowflakes outside the window, but my thoughts didn’t fly. My subconscious mind seemed to be blank, while my eyes were full of confusion. Just like the cloudy sky outside the window, like the messy snowflakes, like the pitiful poplar in the […]

Boil the words to keep warm and nourish your heart with the words

The rainy weather is on stage every day. Unlike the previous days, it was slow and had no desire to sue. The crackling raindrops, the merciless pocket head hit down, mixed with cold cold wind, aggressively indicating that in the air, the chilly cold air passed, take away all the heating from the bottom of […]

Faint scent

The wind outside the window was blowing, and the leaves on the treetop were swaying around and around without debate under the tearing of the strong wind. This was the noise and roar of dissatisfaction for the coming of winter, it is still in different ways to show the breath of the cold current, to […]